The Importance of Academic Qualification for a Professional Accountant

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Accounting is one of the world’s fastest-growing occupations. It has been opening doors to a vast range of exciting career opportunities. It had known to offer promising yet lucrative career paths to those individuals who are good at playing with numbers. Let’s face it, accounting is the most basic need of every business, and that’s where the actual difference gets created. From your neighborhood roadside cafés to giant conglomerates, the need for accounting is imperative, making it clear that companies rely heavily on professional accountants. This reliance is not just to ensure the right financial decisions are made but also to ensure compliance with the law and regulatory authorities.

How Does A Professional Accountant with A Qualification in Accounting Help a Business? Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

There is no denying that academic qualification plays a role in determining the capacity of a professional accountant’s worth. There is nothing more exciting than having a professional degree or certification like ACCA, CA, etc. for pursuing your career goals and ambitions. Once you have an accounting degree or certification in your hand, then there would be no stopping. You will feel in control when making important accounting decisions by reviewing bookkeeping records for the firm that hired you for assisting business with creating a corporate strategy for the firm. Moreover, a professional accountant with a degree or an academic qualification can help you in many ways. For instance, s/he can provide advice, help businesses reduce costs errors and costs, mitigate risks, and improve their bottom line.

According to a study, accounting can make or break a business’s game. Those startups that are just starting need to acquire professional accountants’ services to remain competitive in today’s business environment. The people with an academic qualification have the edge over the rest of their peers when it comes to getting hired to resolve complex accounting matters. Also, it helps them climb the corporate ladder with ease with more number of businesses hiring them for accounting expertise. Moreover, professional accountants with degrees or certification can expect to have higher salaries and compensation packages, which is remarkable in every step.

Here’s why a professional degree or academic qualification may be worth pursuing. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

High-Demand for Professional Accountants

You can find traces of accounting back to an ancient civilization, making it clear that it has been existent for centuries, in one form or another. A professional accountant is an invaluable asset to the company that can change the fate of the entire company and brings back the original reputation it once had.  The increased demand for professional accountants is due to thousands and thousands of startups that are spring up all across the globe. Undeniably, the accountants who have a professional degree or have an academic qualification have the edge over non-degree holders. Since companies expect accountants to ensure economic growth and handle complex financial decisions, companies must hire professional accountants to get the job done.

Companies Prefer Hiring Those Who Have Academic Qualifications

According to a survey, 70% of employers revealed that the main criteria for hiring a professional accountant lie in professional certification or academic qualification and relevant market experience. This requirement clarifies that businesses desire to hire those individuals with accounting knowledge or agencies who know the art of handling complex matters of the company. Employer seeks those individuals, and accounting agencies can uphold and maintain accounting standards and quality. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Professional and Global Recognition

Although professional degrees and qualifications are indeed no measure of intelligence, it is a tool to filter out professionals from experience-based accountants. As per the study, 58% of parents believe that having an academic qualification is necessary for their children to achieve their life and career goals. A degree for a professional accountant means a lot more than just adding a prestigious acronym to his/her name. It will allow an accountant to earn more leads and win more contracts. 

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