The Costs of Working in a Foreign Country

Working in a Foreign Country - Complete Controller

It would be best to be prepared for a downgrade when moving abroad: management positions are rarely offered immediately. In my case, to apply for a position of a similar level to Moscow, you will need at least a local MBA. However, this was one of the motivating factors, like I have been thinking about getting a diploma of this level in the EU for a long time. The salary of two middle managers allowed our family to live comfortably within the Moscow Ring Road. In the Netherlands, our total income remained about the same. However, taxes and other obligatory payments began to amount to 51%. At first glance, salaries seem slightly higher, but the progressive taxation scale minimizes the difference. Exit Advisor

Save Three Times Less Than in Moscow

The most significant increases were utility bills and taxes. If we talk about stores above the economy class, food prices are identical to Moscow’s. The average check in a cafe is 1.8 times more expensive, and a movie ticket is 2.8 times more expensive. Gasoline is 3.1 times more expensive, plus taxes on on-road use and carbon emissions. The fines are many times higher. For example, they are running red-light costs around one hundred dollars. In general, monthly spending on a car motivates you to follow the example of the Dutch and switch to a bicycle. In general, the system of punishments here is built very clearly: they threw garbage into the wrong container, delayed the tax payment by one day, did not take out the Christmas tree on time – wait for a letter with a bill, the amount of which will strengthen memory and increase attentiveness. Download A Free Financial Toolkit

Living In the Netherlands

Service in other areas in the Netherlands is well developed. However, the quality is unstable and very dependent on the employee’s competence, even in international networks with a single work format. We have never seen several incorrectly collected orders at McDonald’s anywhere else. If you notice a mistake in time, they will fix everything with a smile and apologies. The double point is medicine. Without a doctor’s prescription, it is impossible to take tests, buy an antibiotic, or even a syringe. All adult residents of the Netherlands, without exception, must pay a monthly health insurance premium – about two hundred dollars with basic coverage. At the same time, if a severe illness is detected, the insurance company will pay for the treatment, regardless of the cost. For children, medicine is free, provided that the child is included in the insurance policy of one of the parents.

What Migrants Need to Know

For more than 15 years, this non-governmental organization has been helping newly arrived Ukrainians in Poland protect their interests, integrate into local society, and at the same time preserve their national identity. From the guide, everyone interested will be able to get information on how to apply for a work visa properly and a permit for temporary or long-term stay in the territory of these countries, find out the list and samples of documents, the estimated cost of services for their execution (if such services are not free) and much more. Also, it contains answers to migrants’ questions when finding a job. A broad base of contacts has also been collected, where you can contact if necessary – from local official institutions to embassies and consular offices of Ukraine, from Ukrainian communities abroad to organizations that protect the rights of foreign workers. ADP. Payroll – HR – Benefits

About Finland

The number of jobs in Finland is constantly increasing – the country is rapidly recovering from the 2010 crisis. The unemployment rate here is about 7% to 10%, and the lack of qualified personnel and the aging population force local employers to actively look for specialists in neighboring countries. Finland does not create the feeling of a foreign country. Many Russians live here (second only to Estonians), and the popularity of the Russian language is so high that the government is already thinking about introducing it for study at school as a second foreign language. On the positive side, the locals are becoming increasingly sympathetic to immigrants yearly. The country’s population is growing mainly due to visitors: citizens staying in Finland from other states are twice as many as those who live here.

However, is it easy to move here and find a decent job? Many agents will tell you about the nuances and features of employment in the country of Suomi. If you are a doctor, programmer, engineer, chemist, teacher, or economist, you can safely count on being in demand in Finland. You should not discount this country if you are not afraid of physical labor and are ready to work in a factory, farm, auto repair shop, or construction site. If you try hard, everyone can find a job here.

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