The Comeback of the Travel Industry Post Pandemic

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Last year saw 2020 elections, the BLM movement, suspending of championships, facing a massive economic recession, and of course, the pandemic. The Corona Virus has changed the way we live and how we travel. Covid19 has brought ominous feelings about the future. Who would have even guessed that entire industry and the world would have to face a crisis as severe as the pandemic in such a brief time?

The insidious virus has cast a pall of fear, gloom, and demise throughout the world, leaving countries without strategies to deal with the pandemic. The local and international health organizations and world governments took responsible actions and responded at differing speeds to spread the deadly Corona Virus. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

At the macro level, the Corona Virus’s impact on the world’s economies and livelihoods vaulted from serious to catastrophic. The USA’s exact development when claims from unemployment insurance increased to over six million in consecutive weeks. In countries with large informal economies, the government decrees aggravated the crisis by dictating self-isolation, social distancing, and nonessential businesses’ closures. The most impacted industry worldwide was the travel industry, with closures and travel restrictions being upheld in every country of the world.

New Travel Rules

But with the vaccines rolling out in 2021, we have witnessed a return to travel, and the industry is ready to win back its customers. The workers mainly focus on the new normal for travel and how they can entice you to travel. Think of multi-bedroom suites, relaxed living spaces, and full-service kitchens with the flexibility to extend your stay by maximizing your membership travel points and, of course, the comfort of home.

Some of the other 2021 travel trends are the dateless departures meaning that the travel workforce will guarantee you a spot whenever the first tour starts again. Plus, if the dates do not line up, you can rebook without even losing your money.

Another new safety option and travel theme is the travel bubble. Travel bubbles are private and smaller group tours designed to keep one group socially distant from other traveling groups. The travel industry does not want a new couple to give up on their honeymoon, kids not to take a break from their frantic routines, or a family to cancel their long-awaited family vacation again. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

How the Travel Industry Has Been Affected

The travel industry is no stranger to adversity and has been seriously damaged by the novel virus. We have all witnessed leadership actions in companies that keep their people above water and focus on long-term growth. Most industry players have tapped into new liquidity sources, instantly acted to retain customer goodwill, and worked effectively with unions. People have started focusing on innovation and making better customer experiences.

There is no doubt that the virus has hit the travel industry pretty hard. With canceled flights and countries on lockdown, the hotel occupancy rates hit zero. The impact of the virus has been predominantly catastrophic for the tourism and travel sector. The statistics on international air travel show how the industry has come to an abrupt halt. However, the suspension is said to come to an end soon enough, and everyone shall get on with the everyday life we knew.

The Travel Industry and the Online Environment

Brands such as Belmond have managed to get their clients’ attention by having virtual events that do not inspire them to travel and offer much fun, festive activities, and information that all serve as mood lifters during this unusual holiday season. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Cultural, Environment, and Community Activism

From battling climate change to supporting the indigenous population through travel, the industry is redoubling its efforts to do good while also doing its job.

Trust Management Efforts

Managing trust involves greater business accountability. The principal at Enterprise Applications Consulting, Josh Greenbaum, was amazed at the unprecedented activism of so many organizations in the wake of US insurrection in January.


People wish to continue traveling again once the restrictions lift – some are ready to do it even before the vaccine is available. China, South Korea, and some countries in Asia have effectively controlled the virus’s spread and have already started seeing leisure and business travel segments recovering domestically.

While Germany and Europe have shown first signs of encouraging travel demand recovery, other geographies, including the United States, have not controlled the spread effectively. Despite the increase in the number of Covid19 patients, there has been an increase in advance bookings and searches. The is nothing that is stopping people from traveling.

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