The Best Time Tracking Methods

Time Tracking Methods - Complete Controller

Freelancers, or contractors, often work on different projects at a single time, which can make it difficult for them to keep track of time. Therefore, they are always in search of a way to manage their time and deadlines effectively. Handling and tracking time effectively enhances the productivity of the freelancer and increases their efficiency. Back in 1500 BC, Egyptians used a device similar to the sundial which used to help them in tracking time. We still need to time track; however, the methods have evolved with time. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

On several occasions, businesses need a time tracking system to reduce the effort of maintaining records on their own. You will find several methods on the internet that can help you manage and track your time. If you are a contractor, it is recommended that you utilize software to keep track of time to increase your work productivity. Below are some methods which you can use.

  1. The Paper Method: This method requires you to have access to a pen, paper, and a stopwatch, which can be found on most smartphones. You can use a stopwatch on your phone to keep track of time by writing down the time it takes to finish a particular activity. This method is easy to use. However, you can easily lose the paper which you used to keep track of everything.
  2. The Honor System: This system requires you to estimate the time it would require you to complete a task and report it to your project manager. They estimate the amount you should get paid considering the hourly rate you state, so while this method is easy, inaccuracy is always an issue. You may under or overstate the time you require to finish a task, negatively affecting your compensation later if you cannot provide proof. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers
  3. The Spreadsheet Method: In the spreadsheet method, you use a template and add the commencement time and the project’s finishing time. You can use the template provided in Excel and add the columns as you require. This helps you send the report to the manager easily, and it is easier to document than the honor system. However, it is time-consuming as a person needs to manually type the data whenever the work is completed.
  4. Mobile Phone: Mobile time tracking was considered a luxury a few years ago. In this decade, it has become necessary for people and businesses to keep track of time and bills through mobile timesheets. You can download an app or make use of time-related, built-in applications to record time.
  5. Google Chrome: It is usually helpful and preferred to record time without signing into an application. Google Chrome (or any other browser) offers a user to record time of any activity or the time spent on a website without the need to sign in.
  6. Biometric System: Retina and fingerprint scanning may sound futuristic, but many organizations are now using them to record time. Biometric time tracking allows an organization to keep track of the check-ins and check-outs of the employees. This is more convenient than manual time tracking. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers
  7. Cloud Software or app: With the help of advancement in technology, people can now use Cloud software to track and record time and all the necessary information related to it. They can even share it with as many people as they want. Cloud software helps an individual to save time by keeping all the data updated, and the data entered is automated.

In short, there are many methods that both businesses and individuals can use to manage and record time according to the nature of their work. Technology has greatly impacted businesses, freelancers, and contractors, by reducing the efforts it requires to manage and record all the time and data manually.

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