The Best Financial Tools for Women

Best Financial Tools - Complete Controller

When it comes to budgeting and investing, finding a good plan to manage the money can become a very difficult task. It can become a challenging mission for many men and women when they sit back and try to manage their financial errands. However, it is observed that women often confront more difficulties in comparison to men. The reason behind this difficulty is that women around the world face different types of concerns, and they affect the handling of accounts.

For different women to address their concerns head-on, some online financial planning tools can offer immense help.  

Here are some best and easy-to-use financial planning tools, also known as financial calculators, that can enable any woman to comprehend and take control of her funds: Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Retirement Calculator

Created by the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP), the Retirement Calculator is an excellent tool that helps people start reassessing their retirement. By entering some fundamental data, for example, age, current reserve funds, expected retirement age, pay, and conjugal status, this calculator can help a woman determine if her current investment funds are satisfactory or not for her eventual retirement plans.

401k Savings Calculator

Particularly when your financial obligations are restricted to a small budget, it is sensible to use the 401k savings calculator. This amazing tool can enable a woman to make sense of how much savings she must collect and update her budget accordingly. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Lifetime Income Calculator

Like the aforementioned calculators, the U.S. made Lifetime Income Calculator is available to help a young lady determine her basic savings. This Lifetime Income Calculator comes with a couple of its own highlights that make it one of a kind financial planning tool.

This unique tool enables you to calculate the month-to-month lifetime wage streams. It is used to consider both the member’s present record balance and the anticipated estimation of the record balance at retirement. This calculator helps you create two-level lifetime installments and plans. The two levels mean one for the life of the member and the second for the joint existence of the member. It also helps to adjust the life partner investment with a half survivor’s advantage for the companion’s lifetime.

Social Security Quick Calculator

For the women out there, who are worried about their social security plan, Social Security Quick Calculator is your answer! You can utilize this calculator to evaluate and determine what to expect regarding social safety salary depending upon when you retire. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Cost of Senior Care Calculator

Obviously, the trouble in long-term saving and avoiding and obstacles is unpredictable. However, if you perceive and calculate where you are and plan for later, you can build up a nice nest egg and enjoy a better future. As such, utilizing the Cost of Senior Care Calculator can be your perfect option. This calculator helps you compare the cost of senior care with the expenses of your incurring.

Cost of Raising a Child Calculator

If a woman is expecting to have a child in the near future or is currently raising children, then the Cost of Raising a Child Calculator is the best financial planning tool for her. It is a tool developed by the U.S. Bureau of Agriculture department for nourishment strategy promotion. This amazing tool enables many mothers across the country to evaluate the expenses related to child-raising obligations.

Commute Cost Calculator

Last but not least, the Commute Cost Calculator can help a busy working woman determine her current transportation cost.  The cost of a commute can be a major factor of any financial plan, particularly for women working one or more jobs. The Commute Cost Calculator can enable these working ladies to manage their traveling budget and help them spend their hard-earned money efficiently.

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