The 7 Traits of a Good Bookkeeper

Good Bookkeeper Traits - Complete Controller

Whether you are a bookkeeper or looking to become one, bookkeepers have seven traits that make them outstanding at what they do. Before you start a bookkeeping business or become a bookkeeper, ensure that you have these 7-character traits.

A Positive Attitude

To boil it down, a bookkeeper must overcome many challenges as they try to construct and develop their business. As a business owner, it can be lonely when there is no higher authority to turn to when things go south. You, alone, will be responsible for figuring out and resolving any problems. It would help if you didn’t get down with a negative outlook and that you always address issues with optimism. 

A Difference Maker

Being a difference-maker simply means caring about your job. Make sure that you satisfy your clients and do everything favorable for them. It will not help you to be a bookkeeper who just does data entry. Make a difference by being someone who breaks everything down to look for the possibility of saving money within your client’s business. If you can do this, you will be considered extremely valuable.

Complete Controller. America’s Bookkeeping ExpertsHard Working

As with any job, this trait is essential. Whether it is bookkeeping or not, starting your own business requires tons and tons of hard work and patience. While having your own business has a lot of benefits, you should be ready to put in your hard work to kick it off effectively. You can never become a great bookkeeper if your bookkeeping skills are not up to the mark and you are not working hard to ensure that all your clients are happy and satisfied with you as their bookkeeper.


Any job probably requires you to be somewhat organized. However, when it comes to bookkeeping, it is essential for a variety of reasons. Being a slob automatically means you will not be great with bookkeeping. Being organized is key to being more efficient and ensuring things run smoothly.

Another reason being organized is essential in bookkeeping is that, in many instances, you will be required to do “house cleaning” after signing on with new clients. This requires you to be capable of organizing and cleaning out the issues in their finances before you even start with the actual bookkeeping. 

CorpNet. Start A New Business NowAble to Work Effectively on Multiple Projects

Not to be confused with the ability to multi-task, being able to work on multiple projects at one time means having the ability to determine the projects you are required to do first and the priority order you will be completing your tasks. You will constantly have more than one client, and they all will require your undivided attention. Moreover, your clients’ businesses will be at different stages and require you to work on different levels as their bookkeeper.

Detail Oriented

The importance of this trait in a bookkeeper is understandable. Ultimately, you are supposed to deal with your client’s finances. Apart from that, if you are also capable of finding or suggesting ways your clients can improve their profits, it is a huge possibility that you will retain those clients for an extended time.

Download A Free Financial ToolkitPersonable

Relationships are an essential part of the bookkeeping business. This is a significant reason why clients choose you. If the people you work for cannot connect with you, they will find it difficult to develop trust with you. Being personable is one of any great bookkeeper’s most important character traits.

As a bookkeeper, you are supposed to do more than crunch numbers. You must crunch numbers while caring what those numbers mean and communicating with your clients as a human being, not just as an individual who just does the bookkeeping for their business.

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