The 7 Really Obvious Ways to Save Money Better Than Ever

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To save some extra cash at the end of the month, check out these 7 simple ways to save and see financial dreams come true. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Tip#1: Save in Real-Time

Buy a piggy bank or open a new savings account in a bank.  Do whichever is feasible but do it right away. Make a rough estimate of monthly expenditures and extract the remaining amount from earned income instantly before spending any. Transfer that money to the savings accounts in the first few days after calculating it rather than later. After one or two months, an individual will get a clear picture of the amount that can be saved every month. No matter how small the amount is, save it immediately.

Tip#2: Make a Goal

A goal amount will help a person save even faster. When an individual has a definitive figure that needs to be saved within a period of time, that person will know exactly how much needs saved every month to reach the estimated goal. Making some minor changes in a daily routine could help a person save significantly at the end of the month. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Tip#3: Spend Less where You Can

Cheaper is not always better, but a person can find less expensive alternatives. For instance, buy from the store that offers a lower price, even if it is only $1. Select the cheaper mode of transportation; use private transport when traveling alone instead of the car. It will reduce the fuel cost. Do not leave any unused appliance on or plugged in as it can help reduce the electric bill. Take shorter showers to use less water. Instead of buying a meal, cook it at home.  All these things will help reduce monthly savings.

Tip#4: Don’t Spend on Unnecessary Things

 Have a clear goal in mind and save by not spending on unnecessary purchases. A new pair of shoes is not important if you have several at home unused in the closet. When there is not any time for the gym, why is monthly membership being paid? There are other ways to stay fit. With hundreds of channels cable and only two to three of importance, why is cable being paid for? Similarly, do not pay for entertainment subscriptions if watching is sporadic. There are many purchases an individual is making monthly for no reason. Review monthly bank statements and see what can be eliminated.

Tip#5: Do Not Go Shopping in Person When You Can

Money can be saved by asking someone else to purchase necessary as a favor. The shelves in the grocery stores are filled with impulse items that have no reason to be on an individual’s kitchen counter. The maintained grocery list can also be ordered online, and shopping alone can help keep the grocery bill low.  Children are attracted to impulse buys, so avoiding taking them shopping can make a difference on the eventual grocery bill. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Tip#6: Coupons and Promotions

Take advantage of coupons and promotions. Use a coupon whenever possible. Take advantage of promotions running in the store. Also, buy bigger items when they are on sale. For example, purchase a TV during the Black Friday sale. Clothing brands always have a sale when the season ends, so go shopping at that time and purchase three pieces of clothes at a discounted price for next season.

Tip #7: Make A Plan and Stick to It

Make a weekly expenditure plan; it will help in the long run. For instance, make a menu for the week and try to stick to it. Make a budget of how much is required to be spent on an outing, and do not go out other than that. Limit picnic plans as well, as they will also affect the saving pattern. With a weekly expenditure plan in place, an individual will be able to spend on something important if required. Otherwise, surplus money will also go into the savings account.


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