The 5 Biggest Social Media Mistakes Business Owners Make

Social Media Mistakes - Complete Controller

Anyone in business this day and age understands that the face of business is vastly different than it was even a decade ago. One of the largest advancements when it comes to business has been the internet and social media platforms.

When it comes to marketing your small business, you must use every avenue available to you, and having a heavy online and social media presence is the key. However, there are some mistakes that small business owners make when using social media. Here are the five biggest mistakes small business owners make on social media and how to avoid them. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Posting Too Much or Too Little

No matter the content of your posts on social media, you can post too much or too little. It would be best to find the balance between staying connected to your customers and followers and not over or under posting.

Bombarding your feed with business-related posts will flood your followers feeds, and because they are only getting eye-fulls of your content and nothing else, they may decide to unfollow or mute you. If this is the case, when they need your product or service, they may not remember that you offer what they are looking for, or worse, they remember that you were annoying with your posts and decide to give their business to someone else.

On the other hand, many business owners get off to a great start by setting up social media and gaining followers and interacting a bit, then go completely silent or post too little to make an impact. You are using your social media to connect with your customers, but it is an essential part of your branding. Social media platforms are where people get to know you, your staff, and your business, so you need to post often while holding back from posting too much. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Aggressive Sales Strategies

Aggressive or pushy sales strategies can backfire and often have the opposite effect on your sales and the desire to use your products and services when a need arises. If you ask most people how they feel about having a pushy salesperson approach them when they walk into a store or on a lot, they will tell you it makes them uncomfortable. The same can be said about using similar tactics when using your social media.

When representing a product or service of another company, those companies will push you to be pushy and center all their sales tactics around an aggressive approach. These people often get unfollowed when they are doing nothing but trying to push their products and services on you.

To avoid this, use soft sales approaches. Make videos that add value to someone’s life and connect them to you as a salesperson but don’t necessarily have to do with the product. This approach will make it easier for potential customers to approach you about what you offer. Or even if you approach them, they will be more receptive to what you are selling.

Bad Customer Service

It is no secret that many people use social media platforms to speak their opinion. Hiding behind a keyboard makes it far easier to say things we might not say if we were face-to-face with someone. Having said that, if a person gives a negative review or speaks of a poor experience with your company, you can use it as a customer service moment.

No matter the tone the customer is taking, you should always respond with kindness, understanding, and professionalism. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Not Engaging Followers

Your followers are not only those who have chosen to connect to you on social media. They are potential customers or future business associates. Many business owners who use social media fail to engage with their followers, leaving them feeling unconnected, and eventually, they will stop following you.

Find ways to engage them, whether it be by following back and commenting on their posts or acknowledging comments they make on your posts. Also, making your posts fun and engaging can positively affect your followers and potential customers or partners.

Poor Grammar

Having well-written posts representing your business should be a no-brainer, but it is astonishing how many don’t take the time to check before posting. Since everything you post to your business followers represents you and your business, make sure you check, then double-check, and triple-check for spelling and grammar. A few spelling and grammar checkers can be turned on within your chosen browser and used every time you post or comment.


There is no reason a business owner or marketer for your small business should make any of these mistakes now that you are aware of them and how to avoid them. Just keep in mind, as much as your social media presence can boost your business, if misused, it can also do damage.

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