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A person looking to build an investment portfolio needs proper advice as a beginner. This is a vital part of the progress, and every amateur investor must acknowledge this benefit. Novice financiers are searching to invest in a company’s stock but do not know if it will be fruitful to their portfolio. For a beginner, differentiating between profitable and non-profitable investments can be clearly understood using these four guidelines: Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

The total price of the company vs. the price of the share of company

While researching, it is important to know the company’s share price and know the price of the entire company. The amount of incurring the whole organization is known as market capitalization, or in short market cap. This is the term commonly used by financial experts. On adding debt to the market cap, it becomes enterprise value. In short:

Market cap = (the price of all remaining shares of common stock) x (the estimated price per share at any given period)

For example, a business having one million remaining shares with a $75 stock price of every share have a market cap of $75 million which is:

(1,000,000 remaining shares) x ($75 price per share) = $75,000,000 market cap Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Market capitalization tests can help prevent an individual from overpaying for a specific stock. For example, take the case of General Motors and eBay during the primetime of the internet.  During a time of rapid growth, eBay incurred the same market cap as General Motors Corporation. With this in view of fiscal 2000, General Motors got a profit of $3.96 billion, but eBay made only $48.3 million excluding stock option expenses.  When buying the share of either one, a person was required to pay the same amount. It is nearly impossible to believe that any smart investor will pay the same price for both company’s stock. The general public, however, was shocked to make a quick profit and easy cash.

An alternative tool to aid in understanding the stock’s relative cost is the price-to-earnings ratio. It produces a valuable standard for comparing different investment opportunities.

Are the stocks being bought back by the company, with a decrease in outstanding shares? Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

The important part of the investment is to understand that an industry’s total growth is not important compared to the growth per share. An organization might have the same sales, revenue, and profit for continuous five years, but the company can provide better returns for investors by reducing the number of shares.  A pizza helps make this process easy to understand. Think of an individual investing in a large pizza, and every slice of it represents a single share of stock. It is now up to that person to choose between twelve and eight slices. Any rational person will go for eight slices to get bigger pieces and more cheeses and toppings as compared to twelve slices. The same language applies to a business. A shareholder must focus on investing in a company that is reducing its number of outstanding shares. This way, every stakeholder will have a chance to earn higher returns resulting in a bigger share in the company. A company cutting its shares to a limited number offers higher chances of more ownership and greater profits. Sadly, a lot of management teams focus on building a domain instead of increasing shareholder’s wealth.

Reasons for investing in the company

Before an investor adds up a company’s stock in their portfolio, it is important to ask why the share is being bought from that company. Is it due to an emotional attachment to the company’s product or services, or is it for the risk associated with the investment? Being clear about the reasons behind investment decisions is important as it helps a person work toward and build a budget, including it.

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