Ten Mistakes That The New Entrepreneur Has to Avoid at All Costs

Entrepreneur Mistakes - Complete Controller

What are the mistakes we as leaders cannot make if we are going to start? According to the Talentfy human resources platform, we will not get too far with our business project if we lie, risk more than necessary, or if we are not clear about our priorities. In this sense, the company has developed a decalogue which details the errors that we must avoid at all costs. They are the following. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers


Credibility is one of the foundations of any professional career and most of any life itinerary. Fundamentally, we do what we say and fulfill all that we commit ourselves to.

If we are credible, the people around us will believe and trust us, which is the fundamental basis for building any project, activity, or company. This principle, applicable to all, takes on a special relevance for who leads a project, with a team and/or a group of investors behind their backs.

Remove the whip

The bosses of the “command and command” and the “because and what I say” have gone down in history. The style of authoritarian and hierarchical leadership is falling into disuse because it works poorly, especially at the start of new projects in which the team’s enthusiasm, energy, and flexibility are key.

Treating the people who work with us for what they are, the most important thing of any company, is essential for a good working environment. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Risk more than necessary

It can be tempting to be 100% involved in this new project that we are passionate about, but it is necessary to establish limits so as not to be devoured by our own creature. You have to know at all times what, when and how much to risk. It is important to meditate and make good decisions. Sometimes the “what the body asks us” is not the best decision.

Not communicate

There is no point in doing great things if we are not able to communicate abroad later. The entrepreneur must have the tools to transfer the essence of their organization and services in an attractive and “sexy” way so that everyone understands and arouses interest. Either to sell, to attract an investor, or a potential employee.

“Better alone than in bad company.”

A common mistake among those who start a project is to devote body and soul to carry out each day’s task, forgetting to seek new alliances, networking, or deepen our relationships. The leader’s ecosystem requires the frequent company of other entrepreneurs and/or external professionals with whom to explore synergies.

The entrepreneur always accompanied, especially if he manages to surround himself with the best, yes, careful when choosing the company.

Do not prioritize

Falling into procrastination can be very damaging. To avoid it, we must know how to identify the importance of urgent, set priorities. The paradigm should be “better today than tomorrow.” It won’t be easy to manage a business or a group of people if you do not self-manage yourself. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Not being constant and persevering

The difficulties and continuous challenges with which an entrepreneur is going to stumble, which will often generate pessimism and temptations to leave, are well known. Being constant and perseverant is at the base of the success of the company.

Learning every day and listening to all those who can give us something can help us not to falter. Constant, persevering but at the same time patient.

Fall in pride

The business may go better or worse depending on the moment, but at no time can you stop being humble. Entrepreneurship is not a competition against anyone, nor will we be better or worse depending on whether the business works better or worse. Humility should never stop accompanying us.

Lack of adaptation

An entrepreneur may have a business idea, but he cannot be oblivious to the often-changing market trends in his development. To take advantage of these changes, the entrepreneur must have a “waist” to adapt and make the necessary changes that may be beneficial for their own business.

Obsessing with the short term

There will be challenges and problems that will require immediate or short-term solutions. But the overall business strategy must be fixed in the long term. Being obsessed with immediate problems every day can lead to losing the perspective and goals that we have set ourselves when undertaking.

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