Switch from Spreadsheets to CRM

Switch from Spreadsheets to CRM - Complete Controller

In the past 50 years, technological advancements have boomed to the extent that they have become an essential part of businesses’ operations. Just two decades back, spreadsheets were the go-to option for most firms and accountants. It offered ease, automation to some extent, and visualization. It was a miracle to have on your side back in the day. Accountants who knew how to work on spreadsheets were considered a notch above those who didn’t. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that excelling in spreadsheets became a skill set many accountants acquired to advance in their careers. Unfortunately, like all good things, the time for spreadsheets also came to an end.

With more and more advancements in software solutions, companies started relying more on CRMs and customer relationship management software. CRMs offer what spreadsheets do not: the ability to connect to multiple software, be customized, and perform functions automatically. Be it accounting, lead generation, customer management, or inventory management, CRMs have become a one-point solution for most businesses. Yet, surprisingly, many companies are still stuck wondering if they should switch to CRMs or not. While the obvious answer is yes, here are a few reasons if you can still not decide. LastPass – Family or Org Password Vault

Reason # 1: CRMs are an Ecosystem

A CRM ecosystem consists of software that integrates to give you an all-in-one solution. This one-stop solution is precisely what CRMs offer. Whether you are running marketing campaigns and want your leads to appear in software from which you can email, call, or text them, or you want to keep your inventory 24/7 updated on your website or for your sales agents, a CRM can be your go-to platform.

Reason # 2: Automated Functionalities

Since CRM is software, it can handle most minor mathematics easily. From an accounting perspective, you don’t have to calculate your balance sheet as often. When a customer purchases a product on your website, it is automatically deducted from inventory and posted in your accounts as sold. The rest of the calculations also compute automatically. ADP. Payroll – HR – Benefits

Reason # 3: Visualization is Up to Date

For most business owners, staying up to date with the progress or failure of their business activities is crucial. While in spreadsheets, this might require a lot of time since your team members would have to update every transaction manually. Since everything updates in seconds, you can access the CRM at any given point to see the performance of your business. With graphical displays, you can have instant visualizations instead of going through numbers.

Reason # 4: Security & Reliability

Most importantly, CRMs offer high data security, which isn’t there with spreadsheets. With CRMs, your data is always secure on a server or the cloud. You don’t have to worry about your information being stolen by an employee or outsider since they will have to log in, work on the data, and leave it there. Download A Free Financial Toolkit

Reason # 5: Total Control of Your Business

Last but not least, CRMs allow you to constantly monitor every aspect of your business, including the number of leads you generate, inventory on hand, balance sheet, and the like. With a CRM, you can see which team is performing and which isn’t.

Why Wait? Switch to a CRM Now…

Anyone working with a CRM would testify that it has made their lives easier. Business management becomes a breeze, and managing accounts becomes more accessible than ever. Whether you are a small business owner or run a medium-sized business, a CRM will automate your processes so that you can spend more time analyzing your business and planning your next move than counting the pennies.

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