Supply Chain and Its Link to Other Departments in an Organization

Supply Chain - Complete Controller

The supply chain is a parallel process of the flow of information and physical flows. The supply chain network is described below.


Marketing is an essential part of every company. Showing customers the process of making and delivering the products is one way to market the product.


Operational objectives are the key to a company’s strategic policy. If these objectives are not completed on time, that the company cannot achieve its strategic goals. Operational objectives can be achieved easily by efficiently utilizing the supply chain network. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers


Manufacturing depends upon the demand for their products in the market. Every year there is a specific time around the calendar when demand is higher than the rest of the year. Having a role in marketing, operations and manufacturing makes the supply chain an integral part of the success of every company.

Drivers for Supply Chain Strategy

Supply chain management has been focused on companies to increase their market share and growth. Progressive and automated organizations have developed their system to integrate the needs of their customers and their supply chain management. The basic source of information for a customer is the customer services department, and their expectations are linked with the company’s prestige. Like every company, the most important thing is the expectations of their customers. For a company whose operations are present in different countries, its resources must be aligned with international standards. That is why the management will make sure their strategies are aligned with their suppliers to maintain the development of new products. This alignment allows them to get benefits in different countries. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Supplier Relations

The exchange of information is important between the suppliers and the corporation. The firm will develop strategies to maintain the relations between them and their suppliers. They need to work closely with a long list of companies to enhance their relationships with their competitors. This shows that the firm works on a multi-sourcing policy to enhance its products. This strategy allows them to provide their customers with the best of the best experience.

Use of IT to Manage Suppliers

Regularly having a physical meeting with suppliers not only costs a lot, but they also waste a lot of time for every company. The firm should come up with a two-way suppliers’ concept. One of the companies gets components and commodities, while the other suppliers place the products in the market. To reduce costs, companies will use information technology. This means that their meeting can be virtual, which will reduce the cost of the meeting and save a lot of time. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Leading corporations should go for an e-collaboration with the suppliers by communicating through emails, Excel sheets, and other methods. By using this approach, the firm can have access to new systems such as:

  1. Online analytical processing system- the Analytical system is designed in a way to gather new information and process it with the previous data to get an estimated prediction.
  2. Forecasting system and inventory planning- forecasting and inventory planning systems are designed to predict the customers’ demands and then plan inventory accordingly.
  3. Implementation of these technologies has made the business process of HP strong to manage the relationship of HP along with their suppliers.

Creating and maintaining long and stable relationships with suppliers is the key to success. Progressive firms work with suppliers who have a high market value and keep that relationship strong. A real-time information system is used to process the information and orders of their suppliers. This system updates the deadline for the supply and payment, which must be expedited. This process helps all three tiers by using this system. When do they have to deliver their supplies while the receiver knows? When will they receive their order, and when and how much do they have to pay? This scheduling of information helps the organization in scheduling their production on a real-time basis.

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