Stop The Rising Cost of Living

Rising Cost of Living - Complete Controller
  1. Reduce Electricity cost:

Compare your electricity provider regularly with other providers. If you switch, you can save up to $500 a year. Completely switch off all devices you do not need – because televisions, PCs, etc., still consume electricity in standby mode. Especially before a vacation, you should check that all household items are turned off. Also, use energy-saving lamps for your lights and use economical household appliances – for the latter, look out for the label with the best energy efficiency class. Download A Free Financial Toolkit

  1. Lower borrowing costs

There are some methods to save money when it comes to mortgage lending. If possible, do without loans and only use them if you cannot finance various purchases in any other way. Above all, avoid overdraft facilities–the interest rates for these are significantly higher than regular installation loans. You can also use debt restructuring: regularly compare different loans and replace your old one’s loan if a new one offers better conditions.

  1. Check insurance

Think about it: Which insurance policies do you need, and which ones can you confidently cancel? Read here which types of insurance are particularly relevant for renters? Get a regular overview with the help of lists. Compare your contributions and the contributions of other providers here as well. Switch as soon as you find a reputable provider with better conditions. You can save a few hundred euros a year, especially with property insurance – such as household contents insurance, legal expenses insurance, and private liability insurance.

  1. Structure purchasing

Always write a shopping list when you go shopping for groceries – this way, you can avoid impulse purchases. Double trips to buy forgotten items can also be avoided in this way. Go shopping in the discounter: good, branded products are often cheaper here. When shopping for clothes, always consider whether you need the item of clothing. Perhaps you will also find beautiful items of clothing second-hand? Furniture, toys, and the like can often be bought well used. You can also borrow books, DVDs, and CDs. Cubicle to Cloud virtual business

  1. Reduce car costs

If you have the opportunity, ride your bike and train more often or use car-sharing offers. It is much cheaper to buy a year-old vehicle or a used car when buying a vehicle due to the rapid depreciation. Compare your car insurance costs every year and look out for discounts. Also, compare the prices of several gas stations before you fill-up the vehicle. Read here which tricks work best when negotiating prices.

  1. Reduce DSL and mobile phone costs

Compare the various providers regularly and switch to cheaper tariffs in good time. Especially for the Internet and DSL, there are often new, cheaper tariffs that “old customers” are not automatically informed of. Sometimes it is worth asking your provider for newer taxes. In this way, you can easily save several hundred dollars per year. Also, consider whether you need flat rates or whether a volume tariff for mobile phones or the Internet is sufficient. You should also think about whether a prepaid cell phone might be enough for you if you only use it seldom.

  1. Compare health insurance

Check whether other health insurance companies offer better value for money at regular intervals. If this is the case, change in good time. Since January 1st, 2015, checkout customers can save money. High earners can save up to 445 euros a year in costs, and low earners can save up to a hundred dollars. You can also use bonus programs: you can join a sports club, for example, to collect bonus points. You can later redeem these for cash or non-cash prizes. Exit Advisor

  1. Reduce water and heating costs

If possible, use the shower rather than the bath. Also, don’t leave the water running unnecessarily – in the shower, you can turn off the water when soaping. Also, check that the toilet is flushed regularly and that all faucets are tight. You can also use a timer and thermostatic valves for the heating to optimally regulate the heat. It is very cost-effective if the heating temperature is lowered significantly at night or if the heating is switched on using a timer, e.g., B. from 10:30 pm to 5:30 am is switched off completely. 

  1. Eliminate account fees

Check if you pay any fees for your checking to accouter using your credit card. There are now numerous banks and savings banks that offer free use. Be careful with withdrawals or payments abroad: Check the fees here in advance. Credit card payments sometimes account for between 1.5 and 2.0% of sales. Several financial institutions offer credit cards with which you can also withdraw money or pay abroad free of charge. You can also use our savings tips for vacations for an upcoming trip. Meanwhile, there are also some money-saving apps on the market with which you can quickly transfer money to your savings account.

  1. Cancel Membership

Periodically make a list of all the subscriptions and memberships you have. Go through this list and cancel anything you haven’t used within a certain period. Pay attention to the notice periods – some offers, such as registering for the gym or the magazine subscription, are automatically extended. You can also read many magazines in the lending library or use cheaper e-paper subscriptions. And many sporting activities are also possible outside of a fitness studio.

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