Staying Vigilant Against Fraud During the Pandemic

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Different types of businesses, small, new, large, or old companies, face fraud in their companies. Large companies are most likely to face scams as they have many different complicated systems in their business. Stealing tiny amounts or materials could be relatively easy in large companies as large companies usually don’t pay much attention to minor differences in their balances. But at the same time, small and new businesses can also be easy for people to commit frauds as they have not set up proper systems or checks, which gives people a free hand to steal. Businesses that run over the internet face frauds from customers the most. Those frauds are when a customer claims a sale to be unauthorized. A supplier can commit fraud by claiming that the goods they are selling are high quality, hence asking for a suitable price when the products are of inferior quality. They are overcharging their customer (your business). A supplier may also overcharge the carriage on goods expense or overstate the quantity of inventory ordered to create a higher invoice. Employees’ types of fraud include inventory theft, money fraud, cash theft, expense account theft, and commit fraud. Download A Free Financial Toolkit

Due to the pandemic caused by the Covid-19 globally, most businesses are struggling due to its severe effect on the global economy and financial market. Reductions in income, a rise in unemployment, and restrictions over the transportation, service, and manufacturing industries are due to the pandemic. These restrictions mean that businesses cannot reach their targeted revenues, which leads companies to have low cash flow, forcing them to make some employee layoffs. A few businesses have reduced their selling prices to gain income, but that revenue generates minimal profits. At this time, losing any other funds is crucial for any business, leading to a failed business. These uncertain times are why companies should be more careful over the frauds happening inside the company and focus more on preventing fraud and keeping an eye on the signs of fraud. Ways you can stay vigilant against fraud at this time are: Cubicle to Cloud virtual business

Keep a check on the third parties’ involvements. During the pandemic, businesses are trying to keep up with the competitors, which means they are rushing into things. They are not running a background check on the third parties involved, such as suppliers or partners, which gives them a chance to commit fraud by claiming their product to be of higher quality than it is. Don’t forget to ask around about the new stakeholders you are willing to work with to avoid fraud. LasPass – Family or Org Password Vault

Make sure you have honest and loyal employees. Some people could disguise themselves as experienced and talented in the areas or departments you want to hire. Those people will not demand high salaries, making them attractive to you as you cannot afford to pay your worker’s high wages during the pandemic. Accepting lower-than-average pay could mean that those workers will be committing fraud and will steal from you. Make sure you get a solid reason behind the applicants willing to get paid less than usual at this crucial time. The other thing to keep in mind is never to trust any employee blindly, as that will allow them to take advantage of being in control. Have your workers work under your supervision and keep strict rules and management over your business’s operations.

Has your business been audited? Audits are one of the critical and significant practices in a company that are also necessary. So, it is better to schedule or conduct surprise audits which will easily detect frauds and will not even give a chance to the people in the business committing the deception to hide it. If you have a CPA in the company, then ask them to conduct surprise audits. Audit procedures include fraud detection; it is done by performing journal entry testing, inspecting accounting estimates, and checking unusual and suspicious activities or transactions.

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