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An increased number of people are looking for information on ways to work from home, and the possibilities are growing with the internet. It is the dream of many, but not everyone gets it. However, those who fail do not do so because of a lack of skills or ideas.

There are several problems—lack of perseverance, dedication, and patience. But, without a doubt, the main problem is that they start without really stopping to reflect and think about the best option. Therefore, in this article, I will talk about the seven best jobs from home and tell you how to start earning money working from home. Cubicle to Cloud virtual business

I will not talk to you about asking your boss to let you work from home, although it is an option. I am going to focus on opportunities in which you are your boss. And honestly, I will not tell you to fill out surveys.

If you want a job from home that makes you earn $10 a month, the surveys are for you, but I advise you to continue reading the article and discover options that will allow you to make money and change your life.


The Seven Jobs from Home that I Recommend Starting and Succeed



Undoubtedly, it is one of the most fashionable options and my favorite. Creating your blog is not difficult, and it is a fantastic way to create an audience interested in what you must tell.

In two steps, first buying a domain, which would be the name of your website, and then hiring a hosting, such as Webempresa, you would already have your website up and running.

I started with this blog four years ago, and it is a fantastic way to spend time and start working from home. Making money with a blog is not easy, but you can get it if you dedicate yourself to it passionately. LastPass – Family or Org Password Vault



If you like writing, you can work from home and change your working life. Many works from home are based on writing, and it is also much requested. You can author articles for other websites or your own.

You can author a book and sell it on Amazon or author books for others interested in hiring you. For example, you can also work as a translator.

Of course, a work that is becoming very fashionable and very well paid is that of a Copywriter, writing specialized persuasive texts.


Create courses

There are several pages, such as Udemy or Tutellus, where you can promote your courses. Surely you know how to do something that others would pay to learn, right? Creating an online system to sell in Udemy, for example, is not exceedingly difficult, and it can generate passive income month by month.

For example, this year, start creating courses to sell on Udemy. The courses will be on things you have learned during your years on the job, such as creating blogs or making videos for YouTube.


Promote other products

Membership is a pervasive way to earn money online from home. It sells various products in exchange for a commission, and you can do it with almost any product.

You can do it through a web page, a YouTube channel, or any social network. Promoting products you believe in and benefit those who buy them is essential.

Even people create specific websites to sell an affiliate product, especially to do it through Amazon, which offers commissions for each sale you make on your behalf. ADP. Payroll – HR – Benefits


Virtual assistant

There are more people with the virtual assistant. Many of the best-known bloggers have an. So, a virtual assistant becomes like a secretary of a lifetime, but at a distance.

The functions of a virtual assistant can range from answering emails and calls to selling employer products and contacting people to seek collaborations.

When you have an online project, many things take time away from you, and there comes the point where you cannot face it all. That is where a virtual assistant comes into play.


Community manager

If you like social networks and spend the day in them, this may be your ideal job. A community manager is a public relations professional through social networks. All companies have community managers in their workforce, and they can perfectly work from home.


Create an online store

The last way to work at home that I propose is to create an online store and sell your products online. Many people search on Google for jobs from home crafts, and it is an online store. You can not sell only shirts or shoes.

If you are good at crafts, you could dedicate yourself to selling your creations online without having to leave home more than to send packages.

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