Spend Wisely to Save for Later

Spend Wisely to Save for Later - Compete Controller

Leave the Vacation for Later

It was the most challenging point in our whole process of entrepreneurship since we were used to giving express weekend escapes or each new holiday. But if you want to save to travel the world (and not a 15-day trip), you must also sacrifice your passion for travel.

I know it’s not easy to stay still, but your pocket will thank you, and, in the end, it will be worth the sacrifice. In our case, we were one year without traveling to start together, and now we begin our long-awaited adventure. LastPass – Family or Org Password Vault

Refrain from Being Exquisite with Food

It has been the most challenging point for me (Gabriela) since I am a “foodie” and always thinking about eating. But to save, we had to say goodbye to the cravings and cook our food. Did you know we ate only tuna and tomatoes for almost a year? It is prevalent to eat outside if you work, but the food will always be cheaper if you cook it yourself.

Say Goodbye to Parties and Outings with Friends

This point has been one that cost us a lot and that almost none of our friends understood. Why had we disappeared? And if you are like your friends and we love to go to fashionable clubs or eat out, you will have to say goodbye for a while! We know these are the few getaways from our reality, but have you ever thought about how much each of these exits cost you? Download A Free Financial Toolkit

Do the accounts of how much you could save by eliminating?

  • coffee with friends
  • the departures on Fridays
  • Frater Thursdays
  • the beers on the weekends
  • Going to the cinema

If your dream is enormous, you can leave these exits aside to take care of saving to travel around the world.

Ask Your Parents for Space

Are you paying rent? Or do you have your own house? If you plan to leave for a good time, you can ask your parents to make you a space at home for a few months, it may seem uncomfortable, but it is a great option to help you save for your trip. In our case, we rotate house between parents the last two months before leaving for a trip. In November 2017, we lived in Yeyo’s parent’s house, and in December, where my parents were. It meant significant savings in service expenses, and they did not become a problem as they knew that we would soon be traveling. Sure, they even pamper you more because they know you’re leaving!

Sell What You do not Need

We return to the point of minimalism, but how important it is to have only the necessary things! In our case, we put almost everything for sale. We had a living where we never sat, a dining room with six chairs we did not occupy, two televisions for lack of one, and so many things. Take advantage of a weekend to clean your house and see what you did not use more than a year ago. After organizing a sale on Facebook and your social networks, we could sell everything in less than a week. Do you have a car? Sell it and use public transport. That’s what Yeyo did, even though he absolutely loved his Jeep. CorpNet. Start A New Business Now

Plan Your Trip in Time

And the final point to save money to travel the world is to be flexible and plan your trip well in advance. We know that sometimes we want to improvise, and that’s fine, but always remember that you will save a reasonable sum of money while you buy your air tickets and even land at least three months in advance.

Conclusions About Saving Money to Travel Around the World

Making a long or much better trip without a return date is not impossible, and millionaires or those who took the lottery cannot only play in Las Vegas. On the contrary, we can all travel the world if we plan well and travel a little slower without many amenities. If you plan well and take each of the tips and methods to save money in this article, we are sure you will achieve your goal.

But you want to go even further and have the personalized help you need to overcome your mental, financial, and information obstacles. In that case, you can see our traveling coaching service, where we will turn you into an expert traveler ready to take your first trip worldwide.

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