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It is a mandatory requirement to work legally in the United States and pay the taxes that will grant you the benefits above. In addition, the personal credit score measures this means.

The management of insurance services is the responsibility of the Social Security Administration (SSA).

Today, we will see what the Social Security programs are. We will also talk about its benefits, application cases, and how it should perform the procedures.

How is the Social Security Number Obtained?

A common query is how to obtain a Social Security number. This process through their offices requires you to carry the relevant documentation showing you are a citizen.

If not, they need a Department of Homeland Security or DHS work permit.

It must present the documentation in original and copy.

  1. Gather the requested documentation

Some of the requested documents are: LastPass – Family or Org Password Vault

  • Proof of citizenship or work permit
  • Birth certificate where your age is checked
  • Personal identification document, either passport, license, or state ID card
  1. Fill out the form

Once you have them ready, you must print and fill out form SS-5-SP, the application that the Social Security Service makes available for it.

  1. Send your documentation to the SSA

Once you have completed your form and your original documents and copied them, you must take them or send them to the nearest Social Security office.

Once you get your number, you will have to pay taxes to Social Security throughout your life.

This money is used for the payment of pensions and other citizen benefits. And of course, they will serve to pay your benefits too.

You do not need to fill out the application or do more paperwork in any of these cases:

  • If you applied for your Social Security number when you applied for your immigrant visa or if you submitted it from October 2002 onwards.

In these cases, the Department of State and the Department of National Security are responsible for sending information to the Social Security Administration to assign your number. The administration will be responsible for getting your Social Security card to the address you sent your Permanent Resident Card within three weeks.

You must contact the Social Security Administration directly if it isn’t sent to you within the said period. CorpNet. Start A New Business Now

What are the Benefits of Social Security in the United States?

As we explained at the beginning, Social Security offers different assistance programs for citizens.

Retirement pension

The payment of taxes to the Insurance grants a pension for retirement to the elderly. This program is a great help since it provides a decent retirement to the workers after a lifetime of effort and work for their nation.

The minimum age to retire is 62 years, with a reduced benefit, or 67 to receive the full benefits.

You can check the Insurance benefits planner for more information.

Remember that to retire, you must have 40 credits accumulated, which depend on the years you have worked in the country. The worker usually receives four credits per year of work.

If you already have 40 credits, you can create a Social Security account to receive a copy of your account statement. If you still do not have them, you can use the Insurance calculator to estimate the benefits you will get.

You can apply for retirement online or by visiting Social Security offices.

Withdrawal abroad

If you have worked in the country but want to retire abroad, you can also do it, thanks to Social Security. However, there are specific rules for retirement, and there may be a reduction in benefits.

In addition, some countries accept to be able to retire. An example is Cuba and North Korea.

The Social Security Administration provides a verification tool to see if you can receive your benefits outside the United States. So, you can check the country you plan to retire.

Disability benefit

Another of the benefits of great importance is disability assistance. It grants workers who cannot work for more than 12 months due to physical, mental, or emotional illnesses.

However, it can obtain the Compassion or Compassionate Allowances Program for some conditions and exceptional cases.

Proof of income

In some cases, you need proof of income to perform specific procedures. For example:

  • Moving to a new house
  • Apply for a loan or bank loan
  • Make a tax return
  • Request help for payment of gas or electricity bills
  • Access to other social assistance programs
  • The social security number also helps you to obtain this voucher and carry out your
  • Paperwork without delay. You can go to the SSA offices to request your coupon. Download A Free Financial Toolkit

Benefits of Survival Insurance

This is when the beneficiary of the Insurance dies, and his family members get a pension. For example, if a worker dies and his wife does not work, he benefits.

In case of the death of a relative, it must report the end to the Social Security Administration. In addition, it must provide the deceased’s Social Security number in the funeral home where they perform burial services. They, in turn, report it to the Administration.


As you can see, the Social Security service in the United States is essential for workers. It is an entire government program financed with your taxes and provides excellent benefits and worker benefits.

It is imperative to make sure you affiliate with the insurance company and do not stop paying your taxes on time.

To process a Social Security number or replace your card, you can go to the Social Security Administration, call toll-free numbers, or consult online through their website.

The government of the United States provides many facilities to complete your paperwork and receive your benefits.

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