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Do you find sorting out your daily, weekly, and monthly finances tedious, time-consuming, or overwhelming? At the same time, do you want to stay updated with your finances and achieve your financial goals? If so, then making it possible is now easier with accurate results! Personal finance smartphone apps are a great way to manage your money and improve your financial outlook. Consider one of these six great personal finance apps for your daily and periodic spending, saving, and budgeting.

Cubicle to Cloud virtual businessMint

Mint is your all-in-one resource and the most popular budgeting app from Intuit to manage your money. You can sync your bank accounts, credit cards, and monthly bills to your Mint account. It keeps track of your investment portfolio and flags unimportant fees. Also, it automatically categorizes your monthly spending into many appropriate categories and analyzes your average monthly expenditure for each month, which then becomes your budget. If you are overspending, it alerts you to reduce the spending manually. The on-the-go charts and graphs generated make knowing where you stand currently easier. Also, you receive notifications if your bills come up and go over your present budget.


Penny is an Artificially Intelligent (AI) chat box that can text you about finances. Upon linking your appropriate accounts, it can answer your specific money questions. Certain responses include simple graphs, charts, and even occasional gifs. You can use only pre-populated messages, such as ‘Breakdown for category’ and ‘Thanks, Penny!’. In addition, it provides crucial information such as your daily spending, updates on upcoming bills, and what subscriptions are increasing their rates. It ensures minimal clutter as it is simply a long text thread showing what you ask for.

Complete Controller. America’s Bookkeeping ExpertsLevel Money

Capital One’s The Level Money℠ is a leading smartphone personal finance app that helps you spend confidently, manage your money, save more, and realize your financial balance. It breaks the numbers down into mini amounts instead of taking a monthly approach to making your budget. It also allows you to quickly compare monthly spending and set up personalized trackers to stay updated with specific transactions over time, such as how much goes toward groceries and Uber rides.

This innovative tool automatically analyzes your financial outlook. It personalizes and translates complex financial data into easily understandable information to keep you in control, on track, and engaged with your finances. Level money seamlessly and automatically tracks your cash flow, provides essential insights regarding saving and spending behaviors, and reinforces positive habits.

Money box

Designed mainly for Millennials (those aged 18-35), Moneybox aims to ease your investing habits. It rounds up your everyday purchases and puts the additional money into stocks & shares information to help you start investing. After linking the debit card of your choice with your personal Moneybox account, you must set the amount to be rounded up every month. It also allows you to make monthly top-ups that fuel your investment pot, thus managing your money with greater returns.CorpNet. Start A New Business Now

Money Dashboard

Money Dashboard is a great personal finance app to manage your money and a clever tool that keeps you informed on your financial incomings and outgoings, such as current accounts, credit cards, and savings, all in one place, giving you an accurate view of your finances. Since most accounts, transactions, and balances get refreshed daily, you are up to date with your present financial position, just briefly and on the go.


In conclusion, managing your finances has never been easier with these six top personal finance apps. Each app offers a unique solution, from Mint’s comprehensive budgeting features to Penny’s AI-driven insights and Level Money’s innovative approach to spending confidence. Moneybox simplifies investing for millennials, while Money Dashboard provides an accurate view of your financial position. Embrace the convenience and control these apps offer, turning financial management from overwhelming to empowering, helping you achieve your goals accurately and efficiently.

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