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What is Sustainability?

Sustainability is a comprehensive concept. In essence, it means we do not exhaust the earth and leave a habitable planet for future generations. The biggest problem of our generation is climate change. The world is warming due to the emission of CO2. If we want to limit this warming, we must considerably reduce our CO2 emissions in the coming decades. The Climate Agreement has agreed upon how we can achieve this goal. Both individuals and companies have a responsibility.

Examples of sustainability

Recycling, conscious use of food and electricity, not wasting water, and generating and using green energy. Download A Free Financial Toolkit

What is Sustainability in a Company?

The largest companies in the Netherlands are responsible for 71% of CO2 emissions. Companies, therefore, have a great responsibility to become more sustainable. We also call this sustainable business or Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

The possibilities for sustainability in companies include:

  • Generating and using green energy
  • Minimize CO2 emissions
  • Compensate for CO2 emissions
  • Reuse residual products
  • Developing sustainable products or services
  • Creating awareness among customers and relations
  • Sustainability for companies

Why Sustainable Business?

The US government has set itself the target of emitting 49% less CO2 by 2030 compared to 1990 and 95% by 2050. Incentives, sustainability subsidies, and trade-in CO2 emission rights are ways to get companies’ cooperation.

However, the media and the public also demand a CSR policy from (large) companies. Thus, CO2-neutral organizations have a better image; they are a step ahead of intenders, and consumers are willing to pay a higher price for their products or services. And there are many more reasons why sustainable business is the right choice for future-proof companies. CorpNet. Start A New Business Now

Sustainability Tips for Large and Small Companies

Sustainability sometimes seems like a big step for companies. Yet, there are plenty of things you can implement yourself to make your company more sustainable. Some practical tips:

Start with the basics – Replace incandescent bulbs with LED or energy-saving bulbs, turn off power strips at the end of the day, and replace appliances with sustainable variants when they need to be replaced.

Stimulate the use of public transport, bicycles, flexible working hours, or working from home among employees.

What is CO2-Neutral Entrepreneurship?

To minimize CO2 emissions, companies can reduce their emissions and generate and compensate for their green energy. With CO2, neutral entrepreneurship means that a company has no more CO2 emissions at the end of the line.

With 100% CO2-neutral entrepreneurship, we look at the products or services the company offers and the entire chain. This includes purchasing, housing, business travel, distribution, and communication.

Companies can achieve the CO2 Performance Ladder to work in a required manner. We think this is a great tool to gain insight into CO2 emissions and to set ambitious targets and measures to reduce them. LastPass – Family or Org Password Vault


CO2-neutral business in 4 steps

Does your company have the ambition to become CO2-neutral? Using four simple steps, almost any company can become CO2-neutral.

Step 1: Map the CO2 footprint

Insight into energy consumption and CO2 emissions is the basis for CO2-neutral entrepreneurship. This includes gas, fuel, electricity, business kilometers, and air travel. Need help? Let us draw up your CO2 footprint.

Step 2: Reduce CO2 emissions

Now that you have mapped out how your organization emits CO2, you can take a targeted approach to reduce this. View our sustainable business tips for things that you can apply immediately.

Step 3: Generate sustainable energy

Every business needs power. By generating your green energy, you immediately reduce your CO2 emissions. Think of solar energy and wind energy. The government makes various subsidies available to stimulate the generation of sustainable energy.

Step 4: Compensate for CO2 emissions

Are there any CO2 emissions left in the chain after the reduction and self-generation of green electricity? To become 100% CO2 neutral, there is the option to offset the rest of the emissions.

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