Simple Rules of Personal Finance

Rules of Personal Finance - Complete Controller

Track Finances Using a Personal Finance Spreadsheet

Control finances using a personal finance spreadsheet. One of the simple tools for controlling expenses is the spreadsheet. It is easily adaptable to your financial reality. You can build the table you want. In addition, it is easily understood, as you only need to list the expenses to have control.

Swap High Debt and Interest for Lower Interest to Control Your Finances

A habit you should have is always looking at the interest rate of everything you hire, whether a service or a credit card. You will be amazed at how much you pay in fees. Compare values ​​and always opt for the lowest interest. Download A Free Financial Toolkit

Cut Unnecessary Expenses

List all your expenses so you can balance them. You will see where your money is going. From there, you can know what is essential and what is superfluous. With this, it is possible to cut unnecessary expenses, one of the main tasks for capital accumulation.

Pay Your Bills on Time

Pay your bills on time. If we do not have control of the accounts, we may even forget about some slips. One way to never get lost is to pay your bills on time. You avoid headaches or even fines that would take part of the income.

Create a Financial Reserve for Emergencies; Save a Little Every Month

Another fundamental step to having reasonable control of personal finances is to create a financial budget. Indeed, you have needed money in emergencies, and you had to take it out of other expenses or even borrow it.

Negotiate Overdue Debts

Negotiate overdue debts. The ideal to build solid financial wealth is to have no debt. But when we become aware of this, we are always already in debt.

Use Your Credit Card Wisely

One of the most significant difficulties we often face when building equity is to spend the credit card consciously. It would help if you established valid criteria because the interest rate on cards is among the highest. A credit card is an additional tool for your purchases. ADP. Payroll – HR – Benefits

Create a Shopping List Before Going to the Supermarket

Before going to the supermarket, make a list for shopping. If you have the habit of going to the supermarket several times during the month, whenever you remember that you need something, you know what it is like to spend more than you planned. We usually buy more than we need. Therefore, the idea behind this tip is simple: we need to go to the supermarket as little as possible to avoid expenses.

Create Concrete Personal Finance Goals

It is not easy to achieve goals without goals. For example, if you want to do ten tasks a week, you need to have at least one goal: by the middle of the week, you will have completed half of the functions. In financial terms, your goals must be entirely achievable. You can either establish how much you should spend in the month or how much you should earn.

Understand the Difference Between Fixed and Variable Expenses to Control Personal Finances

Two fundamental concepts for organizing finances are fixed expenses and variable expenses. A fixed cost is one whose value remains, regardless of the month, such as your rent, car payment, cable TV, or gym. LastPass – Family or Org Password Vault

Use the 50-15-35 Rule to Control Personal Finances

Use the 50-15-35 rule to manage personal finances. This rule states that you should dedicate 50% of your finances to essential expenses, 15% to financial priorities, and 35% to lifestyle. Necessary expenses are everything you need to support yourself daily: electricity, water, market, gas, etc.

Invest Your Money, Even if it is Little

It is no use being moderate in spending and organized in planning if you are not making your money work. It would be best to acquire assets; you must have alternatives that will multiply your money without generating many expenses. Always invest, even if you have little left for that month. There are several market investment types; good research will show you the best way.

Instruct Your Family About Personal Finance

You can be responsible for all your family’s finances. But that is not enough if only you understand the subject. Financial education is critical to the family’s asset growth, although income is only through a person.

Do Not Use Overdraft

Many people who go bankrupt believe that overdraft is a kind of credit. Instead, it is debt! For example, if you have one hundred reais in your account, and the bank gives you $300 in overdraft, which does not mean you have $400 in credit. You have $100, but $300 is available to borrow. And therein lies the danger: overdraft interest rates are usually the highest.

Use an App to Keep Your Finances Up to Date

Use an app to keep your finances up to date. Another tool that can help you control your finances is an application. They are easy to use and always in the palm of your hand.

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