Significance of Audit Quality, Corporate Governance, and IFRS

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To begin with, Corporate Governance may influence information asymmetry between the company’s owners and investors. In this research, the following two questions will be paramount to assigning a concrete scope to the overall objective. The first question will be that by adopting IFRS in our financial reporting, to what extent the magnitude of Corporate Governance will be in imparting asymmetry in financial statements/reporting between the companies and stakeholders. This leads to the second question, how much value-addition regarding returns to the shareholder is by aligning the scope of Corporate Governance and IFRS. LastPass – Family or Org Password Vault

Before 1970, a specific type of international financial reporting method appeared as one of the preferred standards worldwide. International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), as published by the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB), have been implemented in more than ninety countries; however, major countries like the USA, Japan, India, and the GCC region have not provided their concurrence, but they state that the adoption is in the pipeline.

The IFRS adoption rate is very low when comparing the US region with developed European countries. GAAP principally influences IFRS; European countries, which went through the process of colonization by the United Kingdom, are more prone to adopt IFRS.

In a pacified way, the acceleration rate of adopting IFRS by publicly listed corporations, shareholders, and investors is weak in strengthening the market capitalization growth. Their main concern was that financial reporting and financial statements lacked transparency, accountability, fairness, and independent decision-making. Cubicle to Cloud virtual business

To put it crudely, the non-implementation of IFRS led to engineered financial reporting in the US, which witnessed massive financial swindles and corruption. Various companies and auditing firms operating in the country could face severe repercussions, where the bourse market will be accessible to foreign investment. This poses a big doubt on the mechanism of Corporate Governance and Audit Quality, administered in the organization operating in the US, and the upheaval of terrorism funding through reputable corporations.

To have full disclosure and transparency, the abovementioned issues will motivate the regulators to adopt IFRS to enhance the scope of Corporate Governance and Audit Quality (transparency, accountability, credibility, and fairness).

However, with the emphasis on Audit Quality and Corporate Governance in the US, the shareholders will be comfortable making educated investment decisions due to the implementation of IFRS. With this approach, financial reporting and the financial statement will ensure disclosures and complete transparency.

The looming dilemma shadowing the US region is the tortoise-paced adoption of IFRS, leading to ineffective Corporate Governance and a low level of Audit Quality. The imprecise and inferior quality of financial reporting to the owners, regulators, and the masses have corroded the echelon of confidence of all relevant stakeholders just because they could not implement IFRS in due time. Exit Advisor

In the last decade, organizations forfeited and faced capital inadequacy due to weak Corporate Governance. All the factors mentioned earlier can be ascribed to inefficient Corporate Governance, overlooking of ethical contemplations, which preceded to increase in fraud, and mishandling of insider trading, which will affect the overall financial reporting.

Various studies have been conducted, circumventing the topic, but when it comes to applying the concept in the US region, there is not enough empirical research available. This article will rationalize the relationship between Corporate Governance and Audit Quality. Both the scenarios, i.e., pre- and post-adoption of IFRS, will be gauged to witness if the aim of enhancing financial transparency was achieved through Corporate Governance and Audit Quality. Hence, this research will be willing to bridge this gap.

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