Should You Use a Professional Travel Agent to Organize Your Business Trip

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Many companies find it necessary to implement travel into the business. There are multiple reasons an employee might travel for the company, but all need to be successful. Depending on the company’s size and the budget, travel and business trip preparation might be organized by a member of the staff or the traveling employee. The company might commission a professional travel agent or agency. Each company has to determine the company’s needs or individual business trips to decide if a professional travel agency should be used. Here are some things to consider when determining if you need a professional travel agent to plan your business trip. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Corporate Travel and Regulations

If the company does not have a travel professional that knows travel regulations, it could be a problem when the time to travel arrives. When the company does not intend to plan travel, not all that organize travel have a financial guarantee or tourism approval for organizing all-inclusive trips. Although they are in charge of organizing activities for business professionals, tourism professionals’ use is necessary for setting up the trip.

Working with a specialized agency then commits the company to the employees. Therefore, it is essential to go through a professional in the field who can offer you a personalized trip adapted to your group. Here are three reasons a professional travel agent can be the right choice. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

  1. Suppose the goal is not to do business during this trip if you are a business owner who plans a “relaxing” trip to create a relationship of trust with your employees. However, if there is an expectation of some business and some relaxation in the combination, you need to ensure there is a balance.
  2. This trip’s success lies in the atmosphere and the dynamic created at the heart of the group. Please choose a destination that lends itself to your business trip’s organization and determine activities aimed at building a relationship between your employees or customers.
  3. Choosing original stays. The discovery of a destination and its culture can be organized around unusual or thematic activities (e.g., wine tasting in Porto, discovering Ireland; mystery seminar). This trip generates good memories for your company and your employees.

Why use a travel professional?

The travel professional will be in charge of setting up and assembling all the group travel services in the chosen destination. It will take into account your business’s specifics and guide you in the organization of a trip adapted to your needs.

There are various organized company trips, and each has its specificity: Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

  • Incentive trips to motivate or reward your teams
  • Seminar trips to create cohesion and team spirit in your business
  • Team-building trips to build a team and thus allow you and your collaborators to get to know each other to create a close-knit and efficient team

The advantage of having recourse to a tourism professional’s advice is to propose to your collaborators or customers a complete offer and adapted to the main objective of the stay and benefit from security in the organization before, during, and after your trip.

For companies without a works council, managers lack time in setting up such a project. These corporate trips’ objective is to create a relationship between the manager and his employees and not to leave the management of contingencies to the manager. Organizing such a group trip is not for everyone; it is better to leave this mission to travel professionals: it is their job! Going through an agency offers the employer the opportunity to leave with a free mind and focus on his team.

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