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Linking content outside your blog involves what you cited and having your site connected to other sites. You can use several linking strategies in different ways, such as linking content from your blog to other content within your domain. A great way to get ranked high and build authority on the subject is to create a web of essential links within your page. LastPass – Family or Org Password Vault

If your article has well-placed internal and external links, Google identifies that your content delivers quality content and improves its placement. Notably, there are different ranking methods and their respective values for Google.

Excellent and Own Content

If you’re considering starting your Google ranking strategies, be aware that creating by copying someone else’s content is unethical, let alone strategic. Google can identify content that has been duplicated from elsewhere and thus will make it irrelevant in searches. Furthermore, the construction of the content must be well-produced and attractive and consider the issues of meaning and coherence of our language. Remember that you must qualify the content for the user, not just build it to do well in SEO strategies.

Still, in the matter of the excellence of the content, it is necessary to consider the text’s size. Google has already identified that well-written and more extensive content is better accepted by people (i.e., no stuffing sausage!). SEO can locate this by how long people are reading the texts. So, if you produce relevant content with a lower quality than your competitors, it will likely not rank very well. CorpNet. Start A New Business Now


To summarize the importance of keywords for SEO strategies and Google ranking, I can explain that they will be the words searched on Google when a person is looking for something. Keywords are fundamental to all SEO strategies. They are the ones who guide the north of the content and deserve a topic just for them, and that’s why we’ll talk about them soon.

Imagine, for example, that you are looking for Surface Digital’s website. To search for it on Google, search for the company name, which will be the keyword. Surfing, an authority on that keyword, should be among the first results. In addition, some keywords have greater competition (many people are talking about the same content), and some are easier to rank but attract fewer people. But don’t worry about it right now. We’ll talk about it in keyword research in SEO strategies.

Light Websites

According to a survey conducted by Aberdeen Group, for every 1s that pass a page load, 11% of people are less interested in waiting until the load finishes.

Aware that people are increasingly looking for immediacy, Google has, as one of the leading rankings factors, sites’ loading speed as one of the SEO strategies. For Google, the sufficient time to completely load a website is 2 seconds. Do you think your website is respecting this time? Download A Free Financial Toolkit

Responsive Sites

Finally, one SEO strategy is the so-called responsive sites, which generally work for mobile and computers or tablets. Responsive sites aren’t just sites that can open on a smaller screen. Notably, to be considered responsive, the entire design and structure of the content need to be adapted to other screens. To understand the importance of responsive sites, imagine that your business is geared towards pets and that your customer needs to buy cat food.

For example, a customer searches through a smartphone, “cat food,” on Google and finds your site, which has quality products and a great price but low usability. Because of this, the customer will need to keep zooming in and spend much more time looking for purchase options, reading the ratio description, indications, and everything else. The customer may give up on a simple and quick purchase. Because of this, Google penalizes sites that are not responsive, as they are not focused on delivering the best user experience. Thus, not having a responsive website and losing customers also loses ranking in search engines.

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