Securing Data: Challenges & Solutions

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The current cybersecurity industry, relative to organizations, generally consists of executives with a background in Finance or a Master of Business Administration (MBA). These individuals often try to make sense of explanations with unfamiliar terminologies and phrases developed by computer experts. Therefore, they can fail to realize why it is vitally important for security to have an appropriate budget.

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Shifting Security Landscapes: Ransomware and Cyber Criminality

Considering that confidential data used to be stored in a secured safe or vault, it can be unsettling that this private information is now stored electronically on a server. As a result, the whole scope of security has changed radically within the last few decades. Ransomware is malware that threatens to publish a victim’s data or block access unless a ransom is paid. Because of this extortion or the ability to hack into accounts and steal funds, cybercriminals can steal tremendous amounts of money without having a significant risk of getting caught. As a result, the real danger these days comes from malware like ransomware instead of days gone by when criminals tried to break into a secured safe. 

The new security landscape has also offered a new way to be a criminal. This becomes a significant problem when executives of prominent corporations are not aware of the severity of cyber criminality. This can harm a corporation when finances are not allocated to cybersecurity and information and systems become compromised. Not only will this negatively impact the company financially, but public trust can also be lost and the corporate reputation tarnished. 

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Unveiling Cybersecurity Illusions: Risks and Realities

Sensitive data online is handled by thousands of companies, including small businesses and local governments. As a consumer, one wants to believe and trust that their information is kept safely and securely. However, assuming that these companies’ servers are secure and impenetrable is entirely incorrect. Likewise, the general population lacks knowledge and awareness of cybersecurity and how it works. As a result, people tend to put more faith in existing cybersecurity than they should and are blissfully unaware of the looming threat cybercriminals pose to servers.

More severe threats include zero-days and social engineering. Zero-days is a software vulnerability, and until it is addressed, hackers can take advantage of the gap, adversely affecting programs, data, or networks. Similarly, social engineering is manipulating people into doing something or providing confidential information. It is unsurprising, then, that companies that do not have awareness programs for cyber security or potential threats or training sessions detailing how to handle cyber security breaches become victims of such attacks.

These are a few examples of the numerous methods of attack a cyber-criminal can utilize to gain access to a network or a computer. Examining these potential vulnerabilities and the fight between good and bad in the cyber world is frightening.

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Securing Against Cyber Threats: Strategies and Challenges

Because the threat of cyber criminality is real and present, the question becomes: what can be done about it? An effective cyber security system should be well-planned and layered. One layer is a cyber patch, which changes a computer program or system designed to update, fix, or improve it. Patching helps fix security vulnerabilities but should only be just one of the security layers. Unfortunately, even if patching is done accurately, regularly, and quickly, the server is still at risk of attack because a cyber-criminal has various other routes to take. 

Corporations must deal with numerous aspects, including budgets, ignorance, fear of the unknown, training end-users, training themselves, and so on when battling cybercriminals. Cybercriminals have multiple outbreak vectors and opportunities to exploit a company or individual, and they only need to succeed once to create a feeling of violation and instability. It is no surprise that cybercriminals often become victorious in this fight. 


In conclusion, the cybersecurity landscape presents multifaceted challenges that demand proactive strategies and heightened awareness. As ransomware and cybercriminality evolve, executives must recognize the critical importance of allocating resources to cybersecurity. The illusion of impenetrable servers and the lack of awareness among the general population underscore the urgency for robust security measures.

Despite the daunting array of threats, implementing layered security systems and comprehensive training programs can mitigate risks and bolster defenses. However, the battle against 
cybercriminals requires ongoing vigilance and a concerted effort to stay ahead of emerging threats. With diligent planning and investment, organizations can fortify their defenses and navigate the complex terrain of cybersecurity with resilience and adaptability.

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