Role of Mobile Application in Healthcare

The domain of Health Services Research (HSR) is dependent on the decision was taken by the opinion leaders, along with the masses, in providing useful feedback about the system of healthcare in the US and other nations. For HSR, this is a demanding task. The concept of HSR is believed to have been conceptualized in-between the period of 1950-60, with the first-ever grant to fund the HSR and focusing on the influential factor in hospitals. It is believed the need for HSR initiated with the popularity of a renowned name in the industry of healthcare, Florence Nightingale when she started to gather information and arrive at a quantitative result on how the quality of healthcare can be further improved. One of the critical events on account of HSR was the apprehension that was escalated regarding the quality and disbursement, related to healthcare, near the end of 1920. In 1972, as a consequence, this provoked the US Committee on the Cost of Medical Care to lead an investigative study and closely probe into the healthcare records.

Healthcare aims to prevent causalities and increase the quality of healthcare among the masses. One of the prominent societies in the domain of healthcare, Academy of Sciences, suggests that the aim of healthcare should comprise the following crucial features: Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Patient safety

Innovative healthcare deployment services should not disturb the patients. The issue is not due to scarcity of commitment to quality healthcare professionals, but because there is no governance in place, an element of being vulnerable to mistakes and erroneously filing of patient’s medical record cannot be ruled out.

Effective Care

It stands on scientific postulation and results in fruitful diagnosis, treatment, and post healthcare.


Requiring and obtaining healthcare services regularly delays access to unnecessary waiting, whether it be a doctor’s room or reception area. The inability to offer high-quality healthcare promptly can deprive people of the services they need the most, or wait for the patient’s ailment to worsen and outcomes are exacerbated. It is imperative that the system of healthcare requires organized planning to fulfill the requirement of the patient timely.

Patient-based Care

This type of healthcare identifies the essential requirement of the patient, values, and priorities to impart high-quality healthcare. Such services need to be customized as per the patient’s condition, where close members of the family and allies should coordinate on what should be shared by relatives of patients, and care must provide physical comfort and emotional support.

Assessing the quality standards of healthcare

HSR’s process of ascertaining the level of quality healthcare has proven to be an incorrect methodology and sophisticated. The terms are defined simplistically: “Quality of care is the magnitude to which health services for a person and masses increase the probability of desired health results and are consistent with current professional knowledge.” 

Healthcare can be assessed and determined by employing three tools of evaluation, which are:


The skeleton of healthcare vastly comprises hospitals and clinics, personnel (nurses and doctors), and robust mechanisms that enabling the facilities to provide healthcare.

Process of Care

Communication between healthcare providers and ailing patients is an integral part of the healthcare procedure. The framework regarding healthcare can be viewed from different angles: the sequential order of healthcare received during the period, the nexus between healthcare services, and its respective patient’s condition or prognosis. Umpteen kind of healthcare treatment and of services imparted for treating a specific health problem and its duration. Evaluating the healthcare process by sifting through the six filters of healthcare quality that are:

  • Security and safety of the patient’s medical history
  • Timely care, without any delay or denial
  • Prognosis and its respective treatment provided to the patients consistently by the experts through the state of the art equipment and laboratories
  • Ensuring that consistency was persistence
  • Effective and Efficient Services
  • Equitable Healthcare provided

Result of Healthcare

They are generally abstracted to comprise clinical trials of illness, treatment, quality of healthcare provided to patients and their feedback, the patient is content regarding healthcare, and the expenses incurred during the process of healthcare.

HSR investigated authentic and formidable generic surveys to ascertain patient-reported information on the parameters in providing high-quality healthcare.

Innovative solutions through cellular phones offer assistance to explore the choices and select the highest-quality hospitals and clinics. There is a difference in safety between the best and worst hospitals. At best, 4.8% of patients having inpatient surgery will die of avoidable complications. At the worst, 16.7% of patients having inpatient surgery will die. That’s four times as many deaths at the worst hospitals than at best”. Then he present hospital-selection tools, shown below:

Hospital Safety Score, an application from The Leapfrog Group, is seeking improved straightforwardness, quality, and safety in clinics. This application makes it simple to compare clinics. It assigns clinics a letter grade—A to F—based on how safe they regard diseases, wounds, and medical and medication mistakes that can cause harm or death. Information comes from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, the Leapfrog Hospital Overview (where appropriate), and secondary sources.

Carechex, another clinic comparison tool, gives a composite assessment of medical quality based on the process of care, results of care, and patient experience. Unfortunately, there is no application accessible, but it’s a great tool to utilize when you have computer access.

In general, it highlights the importance of mobile apps in the quality of health care and services. Also, you are made aware of the fact of obtaining information about the quality and safety of hospitals.

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