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Companies that provide services have a significant challenge to overcome, building trust in the face of the inherent intangibility of the activity. Unlike buying a shoe or a smartphone, something tangible, the public cannot “feel” a service to know if it will meet their needs and expectations. Thus, content marketing is an excellent ally of digital marketing. Together, they minimize the intangibility of services, as it reduces the uncertainty of the target audience and wins their trust.

Content Types and Examples for Service Companies

When starting the content marketing strategy, it is necessary to analyze the market, define the objectives and target audience, elaborate the persona, plan and create the different types of content, and distribute and monitor. Check out some content possibilities and examples to increase visibility and generate more leads. Complete Controller. America’s Bookkeeping Experts

Blog Content

We always carry out Google searches. Thus, the consumer can easily find a company’s blog if it is well-ranked in searches. In practice, it’s like a Google “recommendation,” which builds trust. But to make this content marketing tactic effective, posts and the blog need to be optimized with SEO techniques and must address questions that the public has about the service or segment, i.e., it is not recommended to advertise the company since this is a function of advertising. For example, real estate companies, insurance brokers, or health plans can create blog posts explaining technical terms and questions that arise when renting a property, taking out insurance, or a health plan, all in simple and accessible language. Cubicle to Cloud virtual business

Content For Social Media

We spent hours browsing social media. So, it is evident that these platforms are strategic channels for digital marketing to relate to the public through relevant content. Videos have proven more efficient, and Facebook recommends videos of up to 15 seconds. How about creating four videos for gyms to start your content marketing actions? Make one for each age group, with a different physical activity—for example, weight training for seniors, swimming for children, etc.


An e-book that addresses the company’s experience in each subject will help consumers resolve doubts and convey security. Here is a warning: Do not create an e-book about the benefits of the service; this is the role of advertising. The e-book needs to share helpful information and not make a sale directly. For example, a school might create an e-book to guide parents on how to help their children study for exams. Thus, the relationship will start through valuable information offered by content marketing, not by attempting to sell the service. Look at this e-book example: Integrating branding with digital marketing. CorpNet. Start A New Business Now


A webinar is an online conference, seminar, or meeting where content is broadcast via video. It can be live or recorded and allows interaction with the audience. It’s ideal for people who have a busy schedule and don’t always have time to read a blog or e-book. Webinars generate trust and credibility in the business, as it is an opportunity for people in the company to interact with the target audience. Hotels and resorts, for example, can prepare a webinar about the necessary care of children during the trip and what you can’t miss when packing your suitcase.


In the case of companies that offer internet services, a suggestion for content marketing is to produce an infographic to explain the superior broadband speed according to the customer’s browsing habits. The graphic and objective nature of the infographic makes it an ideal type of content for digital marketing, as it speeds up the understanding of information. For companies in the health and beauty area, the excellent idea is to create an infographic with the best times to sunbathe. Check out this infographic example: First Steps to Social Media.

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