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Of course, the showcase will not work “remotely,” but well-designed and manufactured commercial equipment can convert random passers-by into buyers. Standard budget models and exclusive custom-made products – our designers create racks, showcases, island structures, etc.

The main varieties of this type of commercial equipment are as follows: Complete Controller. America’s Bookkeeping Experts

Showcase street. Previously, there were most of these showcases. Now, not every store has panoramic windows overlooking the pedestrian street. However, the outdoor shop windows on the “streets” of shopping centers are precisely the same. Pedestrians defile the past: their eyes fall on the exposition of goods behind glass. And if what they see seems attractive enough, a person will turn towards you, even if he was not originally going to. With proper execution and design, such a facade display window can be more effective than any billboard!

Showcase internal. Such a facade showcase is arranged in the windows of a street store or outlet inside a hypermarket if passers-by can look at it closely. Suppose a street showcase is more often an artistic composition, in general terms, advertising a store. In that case, it is logical to arrange a full-fledged display of goods, including price tags, inside. Of course, there should be only the most tempting product with the most attractive price.

Showcase counter. As a rule, this is multifunctional trading equipment for storing goods and its attractive display. It can be made in a cabinet, cabinet, or island structure. Showcases-refrigerators belong to the same category.

Hybrid showcase. An actively developing type of commercial furniture. The most striking example is an island showcase or a street kiosk. This design has several facades, often quite mobile, equipped with a place for the seller, devices for a beautiful display of goods, and, if necessary, a place for trying on (jewelry, scarves and hats, shoes, and so on). LastPass – Family or Org Password Vault

In their appearance, modern showcases are genuinely diverse. They come in entirely distinctive designs: rectangular, oval, corner, wall-mounted, mobile, made of fine wood or high-tech metal elements, etc.

Often, glass showcases are confused with a home buffet or a slide, believing they are the same. If we talk about the slide, it is much more spacious, and the buffet and showcases are part of the headset. However, a showcase differs from a sideboard in that it has a panoramic view of the entire contents, while a cupboard has only one frontal view, while the other sides are made of wood or chipboard. In addition, as a rule, the slide has deaf drawers at the bottom, which its counterparts do not have.

The most demanded execution of a show window is its wall option. It can be made of glass, veneer, or chipboard, but such models often use a mirror. For such pieces of furniture, the backside, as a rule, differs from the rest to set off the contents of the exhibited display.

 The corner windows look exceptionally good in the room. They favorably hide room corners and, at the same time, are quite roomy and spacious. Such showcases can be combined with frontal models, creating a new room configuration.

 Some showcases are completely transparent on all sides, which allows you to zone the room. They are placed anywhere, and the absence of blank walls allows you not to clutter up the space. ADP. Payroll – HR – Benefits

 The classic showcase version is a showcase with convex oval or biconvex facades. Models from a meter-long look squat are solid and suitable for storing valuable books and family services. And vice versa, narrow and high showcases look exceptionally light and do not burden the interior. Glass figurines and various figurines look very elegant in such showcases.

 Those who do not like simple forms will enjoy showcases on beautiful high cabriole legs with various decors. Various ornaments, murals, lattices, and their combinations can function as decorations.

Undoubtedly, glass is the main component in any showcase. Glass is often the main decoration of the entire structure, giving it sophistication and airiness. It can be matte, tinted, or mirrored – many options exist. The multi-colored stained glass in the old style looks very unusual.

 A special place in the performance of the showcase is occupied by its lighting. Thanks to him, all the details presented in the showcase look more advantageous. If the backlight is unused, it isn’t easy to see what is on the shelves. The most used are halogen lamps and LEDs.

 Regardless of the shape or design of the showcase, no matter how the content is illuminated, it is always located in living rooms and dining rooms with a clear and thoughtful design and uncomplicated individual character.

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