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Distance from work, family, relationships, and personal desires are the main characteristics evaluated by someone when choosing the ideal housing modality. Regardless of the selected region, we can find varied rental and purchase opportunities, each with different conditions, values, and sizes. If you are thinking about securing your own living space and have not yet decided between renting or buying, enjoy comparing both and choose the best option!


Advantages of who chooses to rent real estate

Download A Free Financial Toolkit Option quite sought after by young and new couples. The rent has already been considered synonymous with wasted money, considering that the monthly amount charged does not guarantee any return to the payer. However, just as in a temporary service contract, we must understand that the money invested in the monthly installments has its value in each moment enjoyed in the rented property. See the advantages of those who opt for this modality:


  • Economy and practicality

Anyone looking for a property to rent does not have to carry an immense initial value. Only monthly fees and payments are required. For those who do not have many resources and do not intend to stay a prolonged period in the region of the property, you can still save money with furniture and appliances.

  • Flexibility for change

A rental of property usually involves short contracts. The tenant has a particular facility to enter and leave this type of dwelling. As such, it is a valuable option for people who move frequently or who need to spend only one time in a particular city. Without the property, the tenant has more flexibility to choose the places that he wants to spend the time of his life. Cubicle to Cloud virtual business

  • Reducing risks

Living in rental property can represent more security for people who do not yet have job stability or intend to take root in each city. In addition, a decrease in income or lack of resources to continue to pay for housing does not become such a complicated experience. In this condition, you can get out of the property quickly and move to a cheaper place while recovering the stability of finances.


Advantages of who chooses to buy real estate

Considering the reduction of the purchasing power of the Brazilian citizen, some people point to the crisis as the leading cause of the fear of investing in a property of their own. This is explained by the fact that it is an asset that is highly valued in society and, as such, demands a high investment from the buyer. But then you wonder: why do so many people still choose to have their own house to live in? See the following answer in five advantages:

  • Long-term economics

Taking investment in real estate can be an excellent way to save money. Do not you think so? For now, in this condition, you are obliged to commit to financial planning and thus become more demanding with your consumption habits. Consequently, he learns how to organize himself to ensure that disposable income is sufficient to pay the property and other daily or monthly expenses.

  • Heritage for the future

In many people’s opinion, a property of its own is not considered an investment because it generates maintenance costs throughout its useful life. However, it is still an asset to the owner. In addition to the comfort, those who buy a property to live have the advantage of appreciating the good in the market in a few years, a fact that can provide a good sale value in the future. ADP. Payroll – HR – Benefits

  • Personalization of spaces

The first advantage of owning a home is freedom of use. Is there anything more frustrating than not being able to hang a picture on the wall? When purchasing a property, the owner can do whatever he wants in every available corner. If you have resources, you can reform, paint, modify internal and external environments and decorate with styles and themes you prefer, whenever you feel like it.

  • Finite expenditure with housing

When buying a property, regardless of its value, you are assured that the installments will one day be paid off. For those who only have the rental service, the concern to charge a fixed amount every month is always present in the financial planning. Thus, with the house itself removed, you can allocate part of the resource that would be invested in rent for savings or spend on something that has desire.

See that by opting for a real estate consortium. You still have the chance to advance payment of the installments. When verifying the manager’s contract, try to understand if this possibility exists for both contemplated participants and those who have not yet. If you receive a salary increase, a bonus, or possessions, you can use their values to anticipate the letter of credit payment. In the consortium, this way of advancing plots can also enter as a bid, and thus there is the possibility of accelerating contemplation, that is, the acquisition of the good.

  • Comfort and quality of life

When you own the space where you live, you are free from limitations caused by pre-established rules in some rented properties, such as usage rules and noise control. With the possibility of adjusting the use to your taste, you have more comfort and quality of life. Also, nothing like ensuring the peace of mind of enjoying a custom space that You cannot take away from you.

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