Remote Work Revolution


As the world slowly emerges from intense lockdowns and workplaces begin to open, a startling trend takes shape. People are resigning from their jobs instead of returning to offices. Unsurprisingly, employees are unwilling to give up remote work entirely. However, they’ve found comfort and autonomy in working from home and would go to extraordinary lengths to preserve it to some degree.

Let’s delve deep into the reasons behind employees’ refusal to go back to the office.

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Safety is a Significant Concern

Although vaccines have significantly declined infection rates and deaths worldwide, many employees still fear for their safety. Moreover, many have lost a loved one in the pandemic and thus don’t want to take any risks. A recent report by McKinsey and Company reveals that many workers now want to work from home three days a week. Furthermore, 25% said they would quit their current job if their company resumed full-in-office work.

Mental Health is Gaining Priority

Before the pandemic took the world by surprise, most organizations didn’t consider mental health essential or have any leave policies. However, COVID-19 has changed that. According to a study, almost half of American workers claim that the pandemic has adversely affected their mental well-being, and they look up to their companies for additional support. However, this unease is even greater among personnel from diverse backgrounds.

Employees Need a Better Work-Life Balance

COVID-19 has left millions dead and millions more mourning after their dear ones. It has also made workers realize that life is fragile and that they should make the most of their time with family and friends. Furthermore, around one in five employees are reported to plan for early retirement. It shows that workers’ perceptions are changing, and they would no longer prioritize their work lives over family time.

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Improved Salaries are Gaining Traction

A study suggests that around 40% of employees will switch to a new company if it offers them better benefits. It shows that employees are no longer interested in working for the same compensation packages. Covid-19 has pushed millions into crippling financial crises and upended their entire lives. It’s only fair that employees don’t want to return to offices to hustle for their previous wages.

Now that we’ve discussed why employees aren’t returning to offices, let’s examine how businesses retain them.

Offer More Work-From-Home Opportunities

Workers don’t want to abandon work from home completely. They’ve found a certain comfort and autonomy in remote work. Companies must provide more work-from-home options if they’re going to retain their best-performing employees. According to research, around 73% of workers want their bosses to continue offering remote work options.

Support Employees’ Mental Health

The pandemic has taken many precious lives, and almost every other person is experiencing mild to severe mental health issues. Companies can best deal with this pressing challenge by providing their employees with mental health support. It will also enhance worker productivity and save the company money in the long run.

Consider Appraisals for the Best Employees

A significant majority of the working class has undergone crippling financial issues during the pandemic that continues to this day. As people return to offices, they need revised salary packages to sustain themselves and their families. It’s, therefore, best that employers immediately investigate changing the compensation of their best performers.

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Give Credit Where it’s Due

Your employees have endured a lot during the Covid-19 catastrophe. A small gesture of appreciation can go a long way. Make your workers feel cared for by highlighting their strengths. For example, if a particular worker gives a good suggestion that yields positive results, convey it to the entire team.

Promote Star Performers

Finally, to retain more employees, you should promote the best performers to leadership positions. This way, you can keep the best talent and incentivize workers to excel further at their positions.

The Bottom Line

The pandemic has wholly revolutionized the office culture. What started as a precautionary measure has gradually morphed into standard practice. Remote work is here to stay. The sooner organizations adapt to this new reality, the quicker they can get back on their feet. 

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