Recruiting for Small Businesses Through Social Media

Social Media Recruiting - Complete Controller

Whether a business is large or small, it will need hiring employees at some point unless it is and always will be a sole proprietorship business. With the advancement of technology and the high use of social media and other online platforms, businesses need to shift their focus to their online presence and its impact on positive recruitment for their business. You need to know the following things as a business owner trying to seek out and hire quality employees. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Social Media Presence

In today’s world of advanced technology and constant use, many businesses, large and small, are utilizing multiple types of social recruiting to find qualified and hirable employees. Using your online presence and social media is done by employee referrals and using different social network platforms. There are several advantages that social recruitment gives to small businesses. Some of these advantages are defined in understanding a candidate’s personality, employee engagement, and brand promotion.

Business recruitment is entirely dependent on how the business engages with existing and potential employees and well-established social media strategy. Your business needs to post multiple high-quality and engaging updates regularly with ongoing interaction, specifically with the focus of interacting with your social media followers. It is shown that employees in today’s world will not take their well-developed skills and abilities to a company that doesn’t have a strong online presence.

Social media platforms can be used by current employees to help your company attract potential strong candidates among their followers and friends. Incentivizing the usage of their social media platforms such as paying referral bonuses for employees hired through their efforts and retained for a certain length of time can help encourage employees to bring quality employees to your door. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Job Description and the Recruit

An excellent and detailed job description is essential, no matter what platform you use to promote your job opportunity. Ensure the business objectives are clear and make concise but strong bullet points that layout the job description and requirements. It is proven that those businesses that use detailed job descriptions, whether a large corporation or small business, have attracted more qualified potential candidates because they were clear on the job, and they connected to it.

Those who will be involved in the company’s hiring process need to be involved in developing the job description.


Social media can also be used to screen applicants in addition to is advertising the company’s vacancy. Whenever assessing an application, the company’s hiring manager must review the applicant’s skills, personal qualities, and previous job experience. This approach will require social media to assess behavioral values and make social media a valuable hiring tool. Many employers have hiring employees that specifically review a potential candidate’s public profiles on social media, including Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. This social media review will help your business know more about the candidate to ensure you are hiring a person with integrity and other positive qualities need within your company.  Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

A Larger Talent Pool

This use of social media opens up your business to a world of potential candidates by expanding your talent pool. This expansion of the talent pool is incredibly helpful to the small business that cannot afford a large recruiting budget. A strong social media presence doesn’t have a high cost, and it is not dependent on the business size and budget. Any business can attract or find great candidates and have a larger talent pool from which to select. Most small businesses cannot attract high-quality candidates without great expense to compete with larger businesses, so social media levels the playing field.


Small businesses should be able to hire the best candidates regardless of their size. To be competitive with larger businesses for the best employees without astronomical costs, small businesses must use social media recruitment. These tips will help your small business thrive with top talent staff to support it.

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