Real Estate: Three High Yield Rental Investment Ideas

Rental Investment - Complete Controller

Only a few real estate investments can generate returns of 4% or more. Here are three possible investment solutions, but make note that they should be carried out as diversification.

Rental investment comes in different forms. Everything will depend on the down payment, the type of property chosen (new or old), and the tax system. Here are three examples of investments that can generate higher rental income than traditional renting. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Parking lots

A parking lot is a real estate investment that would offer and ticket the most accessible entrance depending on the city and the neighborhood. 

For these small transaction amounts, notary fees are high. Also, to amortize them, the possession of this property must be long-timer. Also, “to make a winning investment, it is better to buy several lots in the same place. Having a single address facilitates rental management, simpler than that of a home. In a parking lot, there is no maintenance or repair work to be done, ” says Benjamin Spivac, heritage engineer at the Amplegest management company. Another tip: to boost profitability, it is better to target a box. “The rent can be 10 to 20% higher than that of a simple underground location,” says Mathieu Mars, director of the Heritage Institute.

However, the profitability can remain an unknown in the long-term: what about the car’s place in the city? If the disappearance of parking places on public roads is a reality, private vehicles’ presence could be threatened in the not-too-distant future. Some city dwellers already prefer not to own a vehicle (and therefore do not need a garage). If necessary, they do not hesitate to rent or share a vehicle. If this phenomenon persists and increases, the garage may be less popular. Its value could then fall, like its rent. On the other hand, higher street parking rates, such as fines, could drive up prices. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Furnished rental

The furnished rental allows rental income from 10 to 20% more than the same property unfurnished. This is not unfavorable for those who want to pursue a profit quickly.

Still, to offer a furnished apartment likely to appeal to tenants (often single people or couples), we must consider all aspects of a furnished property. First, small and medium-sized areas are the most popular, especially in central and/or residential areas. Then, the equipment of the house must be complete and irreproachable.

Admittedly the law of July 31, 2015, has established a list of minimum furniture items that must be provided. Still, it is better to go above and beyond and offer occupants the maximum comfort and services possible. These assets will help your property stand out from the growing competition in this rental niche.

To boost profitability, some owners of supermarkets downtown or close to facilities can advertise their location and proximity to different rental properties. The sum of rents paid by roommates will always be 10 to 15% higher than the rent paid for the same area by a single tenant. This type of tenancy in the former allows a taxpayer to adopt the tax status of a “non-professional furnished renter” (LMNP) to generate non-taxed income for several years and compensate for depreciation. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

The residence services

Investing in an apartment located in a residence helps to generate regular income. All residence owners sign a minimum lease of nine years with a professional responsible for rental management.

Salespeople who praise these operations’ charms insist that rents are paid on a fixed date, even if the rental housing complex is not fully occupied. Depending on the type of residence, the numbers are tempting: 3.8% for a senior residence apartment and nearly 4% for a room in a student residence. Again, budgets differ according to the property purchased. 

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