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The beginning of the year, beyond personal purposes and good wishes, is an excellent time to take stock of the state of the market and how we deal with it so that during the following year, we can undertake improvements that translate into a more significant number of transactions and real estate sales. For this, the trends in real estate marketing are an excellent thermometer to understand how it is sold. CorpNet. Start A New Business Now

On the other hand, in a market as active as changing real estate, we can never afford to lose the perspective of all the new tools and methodologies used and apply the most appropriate to our typology and sales model. What are the trends that will mark the sector?


Virtual Reality

Do you remember when 3D glasses became a revolution in the eighties? Soon, there was no tremendous practical utility to the archaic cardboard pieces with colored plastic. Still, today, on a hyper-connected planet, the technologies that allow us to visualize something as accurately and with it, save time and relocate your use is not that they have room, but that it is the most demand in a society in a hurry and without space on the schedule to occupy it with efforts.

In the real estate market, virtual reality is here to stay, and it materializes in software that allows virtual tours through the different properties that include this technology. In this way, it is no longer necessary that from the agency we juggle to organize visits to the homes. From the user’s part, you can appreciate with total realism and the luxury of details of how each house is without moving at any time.

Technological resources + time savings + comfort + service improvement is the winning formula. Any agency wanting to improve customer service and invest in practical real estate marketing tools should bet on virtual tours. Download A Free Financial Toolkit


Mobile Tools

We highlighted in the previous point that relocation is a point in favor of incorporating virtual tools into the real estate world, a trend in the use of mobile technologies, and its prominent supporters.

In the US alone, 82% of the population uses mobile devices daily. This means that any real estate marketing action with its most significant objective in mobile service will be much more likely to impact potential customers.

Fostering communication with the agent through WhatsApp, such as facilitating the management of appointments or requests for information, is a technique. Each promotional channel (website, portals, etc.) is prepared to be used and visualized via mobile.



In line with everything seen so far, the traditional gesture of going to an agency and according to our needs, we inform and then make an appointment so that the client visits the apartment that we believe adapts better to him, is on his way to being replaced by other faster and more effective means of contact.

Thus, through videoconferences, our agents can directly contact their clients and address their needs without going through the office.

But the advantages offered by videoconferences allied with other technologies do not only remain in the “face-to-face” attention from anywhere: by incorporating them into the virtual tour software, you can show the property at the same time as its main features discussed, They raise doubts, questions, and other needs that the client alone could not solve.

As if this last advantage were not enough, videoconferencing systems allow the use of several clients in the same session, enabling us to show the property not only to one interested party but to a couple or even tens at a time. What used to be a whole afternoon or even week show can now be done in your home. Complete Controller. America’s Bookkeeping Experts


Where Real Estate Management is Heading


It can give the sensation when reading the trends that will mark the real estate marketing, that everything will go through the internet, and that the agencies at the street level have their days counted—something far from reality and far from what the current trend poses.

Technology at the service of real estate companies is consolidating and presenting themselves as management partners, not substitutes. A sale via Skype will not be closed, at least in the next few years. Still, the use of videoconferences will allow what was previously achieved with three or four visits to the agency to be signed in one when all doubts are resolved in advance from the house’s living room.

Similarly, a virtual tour of a property will not replace the “real” visit with full rights. Still, it will serve as a filter so that we do not have to spend the entire afternoon showing floors that, previously known by the client with all their peculiarities, I would never have wanted to travel to see, leaving both the agent and the interested party.

In short, these advances and trends in real estate marketing are based on pillars that increasingly make up our daily lives: technology, saving time, and comfort without these benefits impacting less attention. Is your agency prepared for a new way to sell properties?

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