Real estate a good investment?

When it comes to building equity and generating income, investments soon come to mind, right? But how do you know if investing in real estate really is worth it? Is it really that ideal? Especially if you are a novice investor, it is more than common to have doubts whether this type of investment is, in fact, the best alternative. Ready to draw your own conclusions if real estate is (or is not) good investments? Then follow:


Why invest in real estate?

Before marking visits, probing consortium or doing financing simulations, anyone who still has doubts about investing in real estate should start to better understand why these are good investments, do not you agree? Among these reasons are questions such as:


They are very versatile goods

By purchasing a property as an investment, you become the owner of a fixed asset of high value. This means that it is possible to generate income through the rent, as well as reform it to resell at a more appropriate time, when there is an increase in demand, and so on. More than that, you obviously can enjoy the property, since it’s yours! All this makes it a very flexible investment and adaptable to your needs, as well as the state of the market as a whole.


They have good profitability

Taking into account several variables, ranging from location to footage, one can observe a very attractive advantage: profitability. Ever thought renting a seasonal property in a prime area of ​​the city or even leasing a commercial room in a prime location can deliver much higher profits than most other investments? This not only causes you to recover the money invested faster but also ensures a monthly income over the time the property remains under your property.


They are safe options

In the investment market in general, it is often necessary to take risks that are not always desirable to obtain profitability. As a consequence, investors are often forced to choose between profitability and security. Already with the investment in real estate, this dilemma simply does not exist. The logic could not be more simple and direct: having acquired the property, the property is yours. And while it is necessary to take certain precautions regarding depreciation, the investment is not lost. This allows you to get the best of both worlds in order to ensure a good structure for your budget.


They have good valuation power

Most traditional investments depend on economic indicators (such as interest rates and inflation) to undergo valuation or devaluation. And while the value of real estate is also affected by the state of the economy, they generally hold great valuation power – better than other investments. Imagine, for example, a neutral economic situation with moderate growth and an expected credit supply.

In this scenario, the majority of the investments have appreciation of average to low due to the stagnation of the main economic indicators. The property, on the other hand, can be valued! For this, it is enough to have an improvement of infrastructure in the place or a heating in the offer of credit, for example.

Also worth it in times of instability?

It is very common to hear that investing in real estate during periods of uncertainty is not a good idea, right? And of course, just like virtually every other sector of the economy, the real estate market also tends to suffer from economic stagnation. This does not mean, however, that investment in real estate is no longer a good opportunity. In fact, what happens is just the opposite! Investing in real estate even during these contexts can be beneficial because:


The properties are standing in the market

As the supply of credit falls and the financial situation of families becomes more complicated, it is more than natural that the demand for real estate also suffer a decrease. Because it is a more value-added asset, it is no longer a priority (or even a possibility) for buyers in times of instability. As a result, the properties that are on the market are stuck: launches run aground and used properties tend to take longer to find buyers.

But how does this favor your investment? Simple: when you want to buy a property, you become a great business opportunity for those who sell, and hold the power in a possible negotiation. As a result, it is easier to buy the property with facilitated conditions, which would probably not be found out of this situation.


Prices are lower than normal

The deterioration of the economy and the delay in real estate have a direct impact on prices, which tend to fall. In this scenario, the price of a property put up for sale may suffer a significant reduction. And even if it is valued, it is necessary to keep up with the demand – which, at the moment, is much lower. When leaving to invest in real estate in that period, therefore, you can acquire a unit with extremely advantageous discounts, making the return on investment soaring.


Rental search increases

It’s okay that people buy less real estate in difficult times, but that’s not why they neglect the need for housing. It is natural, therefore, that there is an increase in the demand for real estate leasing. When acquiring a unit at such a delicate time, resale is actually more difficult. On the other hand, you can rent the property, especially if it offers a more inviting price. As a result, the asset can start generating income almost immediately, allowing you to recover the investment early.


Other investments become more risky

It is common that general instability is accompanied by economic stumbling. And that is not good for investments. As a result, making other investments becomes considerably more risky than buying a property, which will continue to be your property.

An investment that depends on inflation, for example, can quickly lose profitability when the economic situation returns to healthy levels. The property, on the other hand, only tends to become an increasingly profitable investment for your pocket.

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