Project Objectives of Cover Oregon Project

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The state of Oregon passed the Senate bill 99. Oregon’s legislative assembly would implement their own system for this, and the contract for Cover Oregon would also have a website specifically for the bill. But due to continuous delays and issues, the government canceled the project. Now, Oregon has decided to utilize the federal government’s plan. It was not just the delays that caused Oregon State to abandon the project. There were many other reasons as well. The initial budget allocated to implement this project was $300 million US, but as of January 2014, more than $200 million US were used. The project was in the initial state, which means that the project was never going to be completed under the allocated budget. Cubicle to Cloud virtual business

The State of Oregon was in no position to allocate more funds for this project. Now the question is why a corporation like Oregon failed to implement this project. This project was complex; it starts with the enrollment of people in health insurance programs, then goes on to keep a check on whether they are paying their premium or not. Thus, it was meant to decide if they were getting the benefits or not. This means that this project should have been linked with various departments of Oregon State like the labor and business department or even the health department. It must also be linked with the federal department for the population to check whether the person applying for the insurance is a resident of Oregon State or not. Then in the second stage, this project was to be linked with the insurance program itself, which was necessary as this project must take care of the premiums people are paying as well. In the final stage, this project was meant to relate to hospitals and properly provide benefits to insurance holders. ADP. Payroll – HR – Benefits

Plan of Action

In order to get this done on time and efficiently, this system must be made using JavaScript/HTML and CSS without using any other language.

Apart from this, the whole project must be designed in such a way that it incorporates the aspects of the insurance. It offers a short-term solution for medical emergencies, hospitalizations, co-pays, and low premiums. The induvial and family plans have different size insurance plans ranging from 30 days to years and flexibility in enrollment, which means that one can enroll themselves at any time. While in long-term solutions, this act also provides outpatient care, preventive care, lab testing, emergency room visits, hospitalization, parental and maternity care, prescription drugs, mental health services, rehabilitative care, pediatric services, cost assistance, and meet ACA tax requirements. LasPass – Family or Org Password Vault

Due to the previous delay and loss of more than $300 million US, the state of Oregon is incredibly careful in implementing this plan. The objective is to develop a website that can be used to get people registered for health insurance using federally subsidized rates and then purchasing it. This project has to be developed in such a way that it can incorporate all the aspects of the Cover Oregon project. This project must take the data from the users then verify it. This might seem easy, but it is not, as data must be confirmed from multiple sources. This whole process must be made completely autonomous without any need for paperwork at any point. This means that website will have to be made so that its data server can relate to that of a database of labor and business department of Oregon State and several departments as well. The reason for this is that when a person gets himself registered with the program, there will be a need for a proper cross-check of the data he will provide for purchasing the insurance. This will be of multiple stages like the website will have to check his residence, age, parentage, education, job, family crime record, and many other things.

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