Project Based Organization and its Importance

Project Based Organization - Complete Controller

Project-based organizations (PBO) are defined as firms that are simultaneously engaging in various projects. These projects are only offered to clients and are based on long-term association. However, there can be different types of project-based organizations. The problems associated with learning in the workplace reveal that training is not adequate. The need for the development of project management staff is crucial for the success of the project. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Project management is a very difficult and complex process. Ensuring the success of the project is equally difficult as it involves various factors that need to work together positively. These factors are called the Critical Success Factors (CSFs), which are associated with the influence on overall planning, management, and execution. The need to establish CSFs is important to the success of the project, but no project-based organizations have been able to provide a comprehensive model that can list the CFSs.  There is a major gap in identifying the factors that lead to the success of the project; thus, it is recommended that project managers enhance their skills. There are many other techniques and approaches to enhance a project’s efficiency, including total quality management, Six Sigma, benchmarking, and more. However, there is a disparity between understanding the need for learning skills and proper training. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Quality management models are generally based on emphasizing the success of projects due to quality management.  However, it is important to observe that all the models and theoretical support provided for project management’s success are based on the effective use and application of those models and quality management frameworks. The major issue is associated with a project manager’s failure to successfully utilize and implement success factors for the positive completion of the project. This basic problem summarizes a breakdown due to the failure to implement success factors during the project management process.

The model for assessing project management requires analysis of active leadership, implementation of policies and strategies, and successful allocation of time and resources. Successful project management needs effective skills to ensure coordination among different processes and stages involved. It is important to look for methods and approaches that can help in reducing the time and cost of the project. Not all aspects of the process are possible without the project manager’s skills to apply the theories, models, and strategies.  Any failure can be due to a lack of proper training and abilities. It is also important to understand that clients and stakeholders’ expectations are associated with the success of the project. Based on the above discussion, there is a need to ensure that the project managers have sufficient skills and knowledge to complete the project to the satisfaction of superiors and stakeholders. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Need for the Training of Project Manager for Improvement in Project

Knowledge Management (KM) is also an important concept in the success of the project. It can be deduced then that proper training will help the manager develop an understanding of how to implement the models, theories, and frameworks and ensure the project is successful. The need for training project managers is important, but it is equally important for the project staff involved in the project to be skilled and trained. The impact of training can help improve the project’s progress and professional growth and development for the staff involved.  A skilled and knowledgeable staff will increase the credibility of the PBO, thereby increasing profitability.

Practice and training are also necessary to familiarize managers with the needs of changing the industry. Project-based organizations must emphasize the best practices for the project’s managers and improve their project management skills.

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