Painless Ways to Save Money

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Saving money is something every responsible adult wants to do but often fails to do. It’s not that it’s incredibly challenging, but it does take some work to do it. Saving money is not something that comes naturally to most people. It is the opposite; what seems to come naturally is spending and often outside their means. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Even micro-savings can add up over time. Some savings are even from sources that essentially are giving you free money. Here are some painless ways to save money that should add up to a more significant savings account.

Painless Ways to Save Money:

  • The Internet is filled with many online rebate sites such as MrRebates and Ebates offering money-back rebates and online coupons.
  • Signing up for customer rewards is another great way to save money. Many stores offer client rewards on many products the customer is already buying.
  • Switching from ordinary bulbs to compact, bright bulbs will go easy on electricity and eventually save money.
  • Buy a programmable thermostat to power cooling and heat when nobody is at home.
  • Buying coffee from a shop is costly. Making coffee at home is easy and saves a lot of money.
  • Use clipped coupons to save that extra money on groceries and household products.
  • Pack and bring homemade lunches to work instead of going to a restaurant.
  • Eat at home more often can help save money and is a healthier option.
  • Avoid buying name brands instead of buying store brands, as most of these generic brands are just as good as name brands and are much cheaper.
  • Start drinking tap water by filtering it instead of buying bottles. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers
  • Avoid buying items from vending machines; they are usually over-priced.
  • Daytime movie showtimes are cheaper than night showtimes.
  • Cancel extra cable/satellite channels that nobody watches.
  • Using online automatic payment systems saves money, as many companies offer discounts for automatic payments.
  • Buy daily use items in bulk as bulk pricing is significantly cheaper.
  • Get a library card instead of buying books; it is free in most cities.
  • Cancel all the newspaper or magazine subscriptions that you do not read, use the Internet to get news or information.
  • Checking the air pressure in your tires while keeping up proper automobile maintenance will result in better fuel mileage.
  • Make a habit of buying used items, whether small like a video game or big such furniture or a car. Buying useful conditioned used items will save a lot of money compared to buying new ones.
  • Avoid going off the grocery list. Make a list of the household items before going shopping and stick to that list at all costs.
  • Never be afraid to ask for a discount. Ask for discounted prices and bargains when shopping.
  • The Internet is filled with instructions on how to fix or refurbish almost anything. Try fixing old stuff instead of buying new ones.
  • Many legit online sources allow a user to swap and trade used books, music, and movies with other online users.
  • Compare prices before buying items such as clothes and accessories.
  • Seek out free items; they can be for your use or to resale for pure profit.
  • Buy items used and refurbish, repurpose, or resale. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Budget and Financial Goals

Once you have built some habits and found some ways to save money, you should consider keeping a budget that includes your financial goals. Most people are barely getting by living paycheck to paycheck with no savings or financial goals. This is the time to set goals such as:

  • Purchasing a home
  • Purchasing a car
  • Getting married
  • Taking vacations
  • Emergency funds
  • Retirement
  • And more…


Everyone hears about spending habits, but now you need to focus on savings habits. Until you stop spending beyond your means or ignoring your savings account, you can never expect to be financially free or reaching your financial goals.

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