Out of Sight, Out of Mind? 5 Virtual Team Building Activities that Work

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It is easy for a company to create an environment of trust and understanding when the employees are available in one building and working together for eight hours a day. However, the story changes when the employees have not met each other ever but are a part of the company’s objective. This scenario is of a typical virtual based company, which does not have a physical office. The problem here is how one can create a relationship-oriented environment among the member of virtual teams. Here are some of the ways through which better teams can be created in a virtual environment. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

The first thing virtual companies should adopt is of encouraging employees to involve in casual chitchat. There should be any restriction on the employees to meet one another outside the company. A team, no matter where they exist, always need to have a healthy relationship with one another to keep the operations smooth. Remotely working teams do not get much chance to involve in any casual communication. The virtual must create such a situation where team members have to have chitchats with one another.

The next technique is to break the ice by sending an email to the employees, asking a general question. Another option can be of the portal that can be based on the same network. Such a question on portal or emails would create a healthy environment in the virtual workplace. Each one would ask the opinions of the other people, which would help them know who can be a friend out of them. The most important thing is to build a relationship based on trust and understanding. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

The managers in virtual companies also use activities other than the assigned work to encourage team-building efforts. Companies can use online games and start a competition between the team members. This way, there would be a fun environment in the workplace, and the member would get to know each other. Moreover, games can make the skills of the members clear as well. The managers can identify who has the skill set of leadership. The leaders can then use the information and utilize it for future decision-making about the roles of members in the company.

The members of the virtual teams are not necessarily from different countries or continents. Virtual companies can arrange picnics that can bring the member together with other than the virtual environment. It is a common wish of each member of the virtual team to meet the team members. The only issue in this would be with the employees who telecommute from areas far away from the virtual company’s home country. However, the ones who can attend the picnic can join the team in this team activity. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Most of the employees complain that virtual companies do offer virtual team bonding activities. Around 65% of the employees who work for a virtual company have the same complaint that they have not seen the actual person in real. The activities designed to improve the bonding of the employees should be further encouraged. Such activities should be a part of the task. The managers can control the activities, and there can be points based on building.

The best part about virtual companies is the diverse backgrounds of the employees. This diversity means that the virtual company would have so many cultures in the virtual workplace. The company can have seminars based on the understanding of different cultures.

Cross-cultural knowledge would open opportunities for the virtual company to attract more international markets. The virtual business can grow, and the business can move to a physical office as well. The physical office would give the employees an option to choose between working from home and working at the physical workplace.

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