Online Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

Online Marketing Strategies - Complete Controller

Small businesses must have a strong presence online to be found by potential customers and retain loyal repeat customers. A small business owner or marketing team must develop an effective online marketing strategy to accomplish this strong presence.

As with the formulation of other marketing and sales strategies, many small businesses and sole proprietors find it challenging to develop a suitable online marketing strategy. Having a website or the placement of some Google AdWords ads is far from sufficient. You should understand and use more detailed strategies. Here are some online marketing strategies that will benefit your small business. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

List search terms

Based on your business industry and the area in which your business is located, create a list of terms that potential customers could enter when searching for suitable providers in search engines. Don’t forget variants of the terms. After you have formulated your search term list, use the corresponding (free) Google AdWords tool to analyze how often the terms you list are entered as search terms on Google.

Analyze the competition

Enter the most relevant terms you have discovered for your business and industry and see how many competitors have AdWords ads based on these terms and which organizations are on the first page. Suppose there are many large companies or associations and trade magazines. In that case, you should consider whether, despite optimizing your website, you have a realistic chance of being among the top search engines. If not, think about whether it would not make more sense to optimize your website for keyword combinations instead of individual terms or more specific terms. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Define and categorize search terms

Then decide on which search terms you want to optimize your website. But this shouldn’t be more than half a dozen terms. When it comes to search terms, differentiate between the top terms or combinations of keywords, in which your website has to come out on top, and those where you can also live with a mediocre result. With the rather less competitive search terms, think about the extent to which you can achieve good results with press releases in the hit lists of free PR portals or with specialist articles on corresponding online portals.

Optimize website

Optimize the source text of your website based on the search terms you have selected. Make sure, among other things, that the terms used to optimize the website appear on the page several times – if possible, marked as a heading.

Run AdWords ads

If your budget allows, run AdWords ads for the less competitive and, therefore, cheaper terms. Ensure that the terms are sufficiently specified (examples: sales management, sales management) so that the wastage is low. If you need to go fast, you may also want to run AdWords ads for the terms you optimized your website for after the first time you optimized your website because it takes some time for the optimized page to climb up in the Google ranking. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Force link building on the website

A central influencing factor in your Google website’s ranking is the number of reference links to it. Therefore, you should conclude so-called link partnerships with friends, colleagues, or suppliers, which means that they refer to each other to their pages. Also, enter your contact details and web address in free online directories and regularly place press releases about your products and services in the above-mentioned PR portals.

Make links with online PR

Write regular articles on your core topics or key terms with your contact details and offer these suitable online portals. Publications there or links displayed are rated higher by Google than publications on free PR portals. With the links generated by contributions, your target customers can come to your website links.

Check the website regularly

Google rankings are constantly changing – partly because Google regularly changes its criteria. Your competitors are also active. Therefore, use a Google analysis program to monitor how your website is developing in relation to the search terms you have defined. From the results, you can deduce which terms you want to optimize your website for and which AdWords ads you should be able to support.

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