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A bridge credit/loan is a transient advance intended to give financing during a transitionary period, for example, moving to start with one house and then onto the next. Mortgage holders confronted with abrupt changes, for example, moving for work, may favor an extension advance aid with the cost of purchasing another home. Bridge loans are made sure about by your present home as security. They are certainly not a substitute for a home loan, be that as it may. Each credit is the present moment, intended to be reimbursed within a half year to three years. Download A Free Financial Toolkit

Many people or families that already have a mortgaged home need to change their residence. It may be, for example, because they need a bigger house when the family expands. Or because they need to move for work reasons. Or to change to a better home.

But, as we all know, a house is neither bought nor sold overnight. When selling, do not rush; you must try to get the highest possible price. The home to which we move many times will be new work bought on the plan to the developer and, therefore, will be unfinished (and sometimes, without starting). However, we can also purchase used housing.

How to have money to buy a new home without having sold the current house?

Most financial and credit institutions offer their customers Bridge Loan, Mortgage Bridge, Mortgage Exchange House, and other similar names. The operation of these products is usually identical, with each entity’s particularities. Exit Advisor

A loan covers the new purchase (entry or reservation, transfer, notary, and registration to the firm, etc.) in exchange for mortgaging the two properties. As we have not yet signed the new purchase, the loan is usually personal to become a mortgage loan at the time of signing.

The bank will give us a maximum period to sell the current property since it grants us credit (24 months, 36). In that period, we will pay only interest or reduced fees extended when selling the old property.

Another method is that the bank grants you the new mortgage credit (if you also mortgage the old property), and in the transition period until the sale of the previous home, you only pay the new mortgage. Once sold, this second mortgage increases your interest or fees to compensate for the loss suffered by the entity for not having paid the old mortgage during the transition time.


Each entity has its particularities with this product (some finance up to 100% of the new home, others do not, some offer longer terms, others less, etc.), so it is easy to collect offers from several Banks and boxes to compare them. As well as negotiate correctly to get the lowest possible cost or the best conditions. LastPass – Family or Org Password Vault

In this sense, we must ensure that the transition period is long enough to achieve the intended purpose, that is, that we are not overwhelmed to sell. Also, not being taxed by the commissions is convenient for us. If we shorten the transition period if we sign the new deed sooner than expected.

Advantages of bridge loans

In summary, this type of product offers several advantages for people who want to change homes. First, they allow you to sell without haste, and therefore, not to sell. It will enable you to buy a house without having to deal with the previous one, so we do not lose opportunities to buy the desired place, and we save ourselves from future price increases (the seller does not have to wait for us to sell to give him the money).

Disadvantages of bridge loans

But it can also have disadvantages because when having to mortgage the two properties, we will incur double notary expenses, registration, taxes, etc. Also, we must do the numbers well to ensure that the future financial situation with the new loan will be acceptable.

It seems like the perfect product to change houses without being rushed to sell and buy.

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