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The default QuickBooks online forms do not have a professional feel and do not have enough space to fit all the information related to customers or your business. Customizing sales receipts is imperative as they reflect your business’s identity. Since sales receipts are sent to your customers, you want them to be specialized and contain detailed info, which your customers expect. When you send an invoice for a sale or an estimate for work that you plan to do for them in the future, it must entail all key information related to that specific customer and critical details of your business proceeding that are important for them to know.

QuickBooks online allows you to customize invoices, sales receipts, and estimates according to your preferences with little effort. Invoices can be customized by clicking on the sales tab, which will entail a gear icon that will eventually take you to account and settings. The sales tab allows you to work on the following aspects of your business.

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  • Sales form content
  • Messages
  • Online deliveries
  • Statements
  • Products and services
  • Customize the look and feel

We will focus on the last step, customizing your look and feel in QuickBooks Online.

The Customization Phase

Within the account and settings tab, you must go to the sales Tab, which allows you to select a customized look and feel. Once you have reached this point, you can choose among custom form styles or opt for a new style by clicking the icon with the same name. It will bring you to the customize form style page, where customization will occur. There are five areas where QuickBooks Online can help you create a sales invoice that reflects the true essence of your business.

  • Appearance
  • Style
  • Activity table
  • Header
  • Footer


This is typically the first step in the customization phase, and you are offered five templates to choose from, which are mentioned below.

  • Airy
  • Modern
  • Fresh
  • Friendly
  • Bold

Each of the templates mentioned above has a different formatting style, and you may choose one based on your preference. This will be the basic layout of your invoice, so select an appropriate style for a specific invoice.

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The appearance section in QuickBooks Online will allow you to customize the following items on your invoices, sales receipts, and estimates.

  • The way your logo appears and setting an appropriate size for it.
  • Once the size is selected, you must place it in the right spot. Just drag and drop where you want the logo to appear.
  • Selecting a suitable font for your invoice is also done in the appearance section.
  • Setting line spacing according to the length of the invoice is vital, especially in estimates, as they happen to be longer than the rest.
  • For non-custom letterheads, you have an option to include page margins.

Activity table

TheActivity table in QuickBooks online is a handy tool for particular situations. All invoices have columns, allowing you to customize the appropriate columns on your sales receipts and invoices. If you charge on the bill by hours, you can select the quantity in hours. Depending on your choice, you can also change it to weekly or monthly.

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The Header section allows you to make the following changes to your invoices and other documents.

  • The document’s name would appear in the header, and any preferred name would be selected.
  • The header section must include information about your company, such as email, phone number, website, and other critical details.
  • If there are any terms and conditions of the payment, they must also be included in the header so that it is among the first things your customer reads.


The Footer section can either be ignored or used to send a positive message to your customer. QuickBooks Online allows you to customize your footer with an appreciation message for your customer, such as ‘we are proud to do business with you or any other such comments.

Print and Preview

Once all steps are completed, you can go to Print and Preview at the bottom and see all the changes made. If you are satisfied, save it, and you can send your invoice to the customer.

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