Lower your businesses electrical bill

As we mentioned in a previous post, saving on the electricity bill is, today, very important. For many small businesses and freelancers, it can be difficult to have enough resources to make a comprehensive renewal of their consumption.

However, not everything is lost and, by following some basic tips, you can get significant savings on your business electric bill. How? Take good note:


To save on the electricity bill … it all starts with good habits:

Because the small actions repeated constantly day by day are adding up and, in the end, they revert to us more than positive results:

  • Although it seems obvious, it is vital to avoid turning on lights when it is not necessary or when we are not in the room.
  • It is advisable to completely turn off computer equipment, devices or other equipment and not leave them “at rest” or “stand by”.
  • Make responsible use of cold-heat air conditioning systems, especially if they are electric: wear light clothes in summer and go warm enough in winter so as not to abuse the air conditioning or heat pumps or heaters.
  • In case these air conditioning systems are programmed, you will have to restrict the programming to the “work schedule” and adapt the thermostat to achieve an optimum temperature and in line with the thermal needs of each moment.
  • Keep the insulation of the room in good condition (windows, doors) to avoid losses of cold and heat

Check that everything is turned off or properly programmed before leaving your office or establishment can save on costs (and some other disgust) at the end of the month.



Continue with an intelligent distribution of space:

Make the most of natural light and reserve the areas near windows or open spaces, to work spaces where the greatest number of people develop their activity. An open distribution of the office allows a better distribution of light, both natural and artificial, as well as the heat/cold of the air conditioning systems.

If you need to narrow the spaces for any organizational reason, make use of translucent screens at medium height. In addition to allowing the passage of light and hot and cold air flows, they give a feeling of spaciousness.

Use light colors on walls and ceilings. Dark colors absorb a lot of light and force more lamps.



Adapting, optimizing and renewing lighting systems and rates also helps (and a lot):

Although the ideal would be to perform an Energy Audit that would allow us to know the critical points and propose optimization measures, we can also make small improvements within the reach of any SME or autonomous.

Optimize the contracted power: Find out how much power you really need to contract based on the equipment or electrical needs of your business.

Check your consumption to determine if it helps you to save your current rate for one of hourly discrimination, which sets different prices based on the hours of the day the consumption is made.

Lamps: adapting the level of lighting to the recommended one according to the needs of the company and employees, and cleaning the lamps and replacing those in which the flow has been reduced to inadequate conditions, is an almost insignificant task but this does report great results.

Using electronic ballasts saves energy up to 10%, corrects the power factor, as well as increases the life of fluorescent lamps.

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