Laid Back Entrepreneurs Create Successful Tech Start-Ups

Handsome young man holding one hand behind head and holding a cup with another hand while sitting on working place in creative office
Are you generally known as a laid back person? If so, it can not only be a good thing but also your key to a successful tech start-up when coupled with creativity and perseverance.

In fact, many great entrepreneurs claim to be laid back themselves, such as Ryan Smith, CEO of Qualtrics. Ryan grew up in New Orleans which is an endlessly delightful, charming, calm and peaceful place where you can hardly find anyone extremely busy with an activity other than taking it easy. It is called “The Big Easy” for a reason. His father had convinced him, even in his childhood, to do as little as possible, pick the easiest tasks that could give him good rewards, and that it is always better to get a slight criticism than do an arduous activity.

With that in mind, Ryan embraced that attitude that helped him to initiate a successful tech start-up, ranked # 12 on the Forbes 2016 Cloud 100 list, as he concentrated his abilities and efforts only on the areas that really matter.

There are many slothful yet successful entrepreneurs who typically focused their efforts on reinventing ideas that were already manifested as a giant business, rather than bringing a fully diverse and unexpected idea to the plate. With innovation, creativity and a few modifications considering the present needs of society, an old concept becomes a state-of-the-art business idea. In fact, being ‘lazy’ and copying an already established model is a smart way to build a successful tech start-up just as QuickBooks is an innovative way to do bookkeeping for small businesses.

There are several incredible and innovative platforms and partners out there already waiting to benefit you through a combining of forces. Consequently, you do not have to worry about being a little bit lazy. In fact, there are certain great logical reasons why slight laziness in combination with determination and creativity can actually help you erect a successful tech start-up, rather than harm it.  Here are our reasons why.

1. The Foundation is Already Built

If you can identify an enthralling platform that will easily combine with what you love to do, you can take great benefit from that. Thus, there is no reason to create something time-consuming and extravagant when someone else has already designed, developed and maintained many of the necessary features and elements that you would need to build yourself. Rather, partnering with those people or companies who could benefit from your business, as well as designing on pre-established platforms, is a powerful methodology to unlock profits and boost your successful tech start-up, without needing to rebuild the wheel.

2. Potential Resource come with Partnerships

Whether a start-up enthusiast is combining their assets with another small organization or erecting on an expansive, renowned platform’s top, they will eventually gain many potential resources that they did not have. Certainly, there is immense benefit from getting on board with a solid platform that already accompanies a large user base and clientele who are already taking benefit from the platform and have been habitual of that system. Consequently, a lazy entrepreneur can easily save time and energy by minimizing their resource allocation and initial marketing push through partnerships with already established platforms thus building a successful tech start-up.

3. Giant Platforms will Market for You

When it comes to marketing, to make your idea a successful tech start-up, you will be saving a lot of time, personal resources and energy to build your product or service on a larger platform. This is because the platform itself is likely to promote and market its product or service with more budget than you could ever think to invest upon. For instance, Facebook is extensively promoting and advertising Messenger bots simply to help drive the customer conversion, interest and market.

4. You are Closer to Innovation and Diversity

The significant disadvantage of establishing on the base of another platform is the unexpected occurrence when the system chooses to not offer that feature further, thus, it could harm the future of your present successful tech start-up. However, once you have built your product or service, you can always diversify and adjust it for other systems and platforms much easier with very little efforts. Also, when you put your efforts towards integrating your product or service to operate in harmony with all other standard platforms, like a website for all screens, viz. desktop, tablet, and smartphone, and an app for different operating systems, viz. iOS, Microsoft and Android, you are eventually mitigating the risks.

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