Keywords Can Make or Break Your Site

Keywords Can Make or Break Your Site - Complete Controller

A keyword is simply a word that holds importance or any form of significance. The significance is that a particular keyword can be what many people search at a time, or it can consist of a phrase often typed out on Google. But how does it help your website?

How Can Keywords Make Your Site?

A keyword resonates with many people and is fundamentally a word that many people search regarding a certain topic. Having the right keywords on your site can increase website traffic; however, if your website has high-profile keywords or some barely used in our daily language, then traffic might be reduced. ADP. Payroll – HR – Benefits

A keyword identifies content topics that audiences can find informative and valuable. Keywords tell search engines about the content of the website. So, the greater the number of keywords in a blog, the higher the search engine will place it on the search results list.

When a search engine moves it up on the list, there will be more viewership since people typically select the top results instead of scrolling to additional results pages. When this happens, your website naturally gets more views, and traffic increases.

You can use phrases that reflect your brand and are not too familiar and not too specific. Keyword selection must be inspired by everyday jargon and not language that feels unnatural in conversation.

The most important thing to remember is to choose keywords carefully. The Internet is the most convenient and the most accessible way to sell your business and is the best strategy you can readily use.  Complete Controller. America’s Bookkeeping Experts

How Can Keywords Break Your Site?

Not setting clear Search Engine Optimization (SEO) goals can leave you directionless. If you do not use keywords applicable to your website or if you use the most basic words, your website will not have much support or traffic. Using basic words as keywords is pointless because that would mean your website is on the list of other search engine results that might not reflect your brand.

If you use a general term, your article will be included in a higher search rate than other terms. Similarly, using very specific words that are not within the population’s general lingo means the search engine cannot register your site with what people are searching.

Once your website has a bad review attached to it, it can be challenging to overcome it. Revamping a website, again and again, requires work and resources, which is why it is a brilliant idea to invest once and use applicable keywords.


Keyword stuffing is problematic because it includes the unnecessary repetition of words, adding words that do not need to be there, or using keywords that do not fit into the content. This can be detrimental to the website by raising concerns about website authenticity, reducing readability, and adding a certain level of annoyance. Eventually, readers will notice that the website has shifted its focus from quality content, resulting in negativity instead of sales. Cubicle to Cloud virtual business

For example, if your brand sells pasta machines, keyword stuffing would look something like this:

“Our brand sells the best pasta machines around the block! You will not find another best pasta machine anywhere else. Finding the best pasta machine around the block or even far away is nearly impossible at this price! The best pasta machine is here, and you know it!”

This can deter readers and make them search for other website results.


The prime function of keywords is to use words or phrases that resonate with the public. Your site will be seen as credible and authentic when you use enough of them reasonably. Ensuring your keywords align with your website and what it sells is essential.

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