ITaaS in Federal Agencies


Before discussing how ITaaS can be used for federal agencies, we must define ITaaS. ITaaS stands for IT as a service and is an operational model where the provider delivers an information technology service to a business, organization, or agency. The IT service provider can be an internal or external IT services organization.

Businesses, organizations, and agencies have to consider the following three IT considerations daily:

  • The operational maintenance plans of the servers when the cloud takes over its infrastructure.
  • Will the federal agency’s current infrastructure support the cloud takeover?
  • The necessary security requirements after the implementation of ITaaS are as follows:

Based on the three considerations, if the agency chooses to get outside help, it should devise strategies to align the ITaaS model with its present system. The plan should include practices such as security and monitoring procedures.

They should also prepare a development environment to ensure that the ITaaS gets a better response time and that the SLAs are well-aligned with the production workloads. Moreover, the agencies must move carefully and pay close attention to ensure that the approach perfectly aligns with the agency’s security model.

However, to ensure that ITaaS is fully effective, companies need to review the SLAs every month. Since cloud support will provide service during weekday working hours, the system needs to be functional 24/7. Additionally, agencies should also consider sound procurement procedures from the ITaaS vendors.

Some providers deliver ITaaS solutions to private companies but not to federal government agencies. Thus, they need to be confident that their customers will use their services well. They must also acquire qualified IT professionals who will monitor their IT infrastructure to remain functional during difficult hours.

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Why Is Aquilent’s ITaaS the Solution to Acquire?

The margin for error is far less for public sector organizations than for private organizations. Considering the scenario, Acquilent’s ITaaS is a perfect solution for federal agencies. In retrospect, Aquilent is unarguably the country’s leading ITaaS service provider to federal agencies.

Since they have helped numerous government organizations migrate to cloud platforms efficiently and easily, they understand what it takes and the background prerequisites to ensure that the migration and the operations are successfully implemented on the newly initiated cloud infrastructure.

However, procuring ITaaS can be challenging, especially for public sector organizations trying to revolutionize handling citizens’ issues. However, Aquilent makes it easier for federal agencies to align their procedures with federal procurement policies. They must also cover different agreements, such as purchase agreements, government-wide acquisition contracts, indefinite-delivery/quantity tracks, etc.

Furthermore, the models from Aquilent are divided into four service pack levels, further described below.

Service Level 1

The level 1 service provides around-the-clock monitoring services, with built-in hosting procedures such as operating system patching, malware management, network management within the cloud environment, and incident management.

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Service Level 2

The service level provides all the first-level features but only on weekdays during working hours. This service is especially beneficial for organizations that do not require the system to be available 24/7.

Service Level 3 

Fundamental monitoring, devoid of the extravagant features found in the preceding levels, is essential at this stage. This level of monitoring is particularly well-suited for organizations dealing with production-style workloads.

Service Level 4

It’s just a primary low-level, keep-the-lights-on type of monitoring. Some federal agencies use this around a proof-of-concept environment where they want to make sure servers are turned off on the weekend and don’t care if the system’s up or down.

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How can ITaaS assist Federal Agencies? 

ITaaS can assist federal agencies in the contemporary era in three ways: scalabilitypredictability, and pay-as-you-go features. Furthermore, servers have a fixed cost, but agencies don’t always need ten of them to be functional all the time.

Most of the time, they only need five of them per year. However, they will need to double the payment amount every month. Another benefit of ITaaS is that the agencies only need to pay the service providers when they need their service.

They can further scale up their services with the help of extra fees if the need arises. They have to monitor the situation and demand more services on runtime. There can be many instances, such as a lack of online traffic, hurdles in transaction procedures, etc. These scenarios would not always occur so federal agencies can reduce costs during non-rigorous working days.

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