Is Traditional Accountancy Dead?

Traditional Accountancy Dead - Complete Controller

Nowadays, the provision of accounting services has become a pretty demanding phenomenon. Suppose you do not want your company to face financial problems, production problems, or future trouble with the tax office. In that case, you must find a reliable company that will perform quality services and guarantees that there will be no such problems in the future. Accounting LLC offers high-quality accounting services in Krasnodar. By concluding an accounting support agreement with LLC, you can ensure that your task will be solved quickly and efficiently. By outsourcing accounting functions to professionals, you can entirely focus on running your business, maximizing its efficiency. Exit Advisor

The Trend Is Obvious

For many years specialists have been using traditional approaches to company valuation, primarily because they are widespread. But today, more and more practitioners are convinced that these techniques are not enough, and it is necessary to expand the arsenal of analytical tools for a more accurate assessment of the situation. Among them, the approach based on shareholder value-added stands out, although there are approaches based on economic value-added and added market value. All these close approaches are united by the fact that they are based on a single principle – the valuation of a company is carried out based on not accounting rules but an economic approach, and it is aimed at the future of the company and not at its past.

Among other things, you will be able to reduce costs and risks. LastPass – Family or Org Password Vault After all, having abandoned a full-time accountant in favor of an accounting support agreement, you will not need to pay a fixed salary to an employee every month, regardless of how many tasks he completed during this period. With LLC Accounting, you pay only for specific services rendered. The traditional way of hiring a full-time accountant entails, in addition to a fixed salary, a social package, advanced training courses, expenses for purchasing and installing computers, office equipment, and special software. One cannot but consider the human factor: a sick leave, a decree, or a vacation can create interruptions in the work process, especially if the accountant is the only one in the company.


The advantages of concluding an accounting support agreement are apparent. It will hold your money, nerves, and time. In LLC Accounting, you can get comprehensive solutions in the field of accounting services. The company has existed for eight years and, during this time, has managed to prove its reliability. Clients asking for help cannot worry about anything, trusting qualified specialists. The company is aimed at long-term cooperation, so the employees prioritize the quality of the services provided. LLC provides a full range of accounting services, ranging from registration of an individual entrepreneur or legal entity to competent accounting and the development of optimal work schemes and minimization of the tax burden. When agreeing, each client is assigned a responsible specialist who can promptly provide all the necessary information on the company’s current activities: Download A Free Financial Toolkit

  • Current account balances
  • Amounts of mutual settlements with counterparties
  • The number of balances in warehouses
  • Others
  • Such Different Profit

Accounting profit, the authors write, is a positive difference between the income of an enterprise, understood as an increase in the total value of the valuation of its assets, accompanied by an increase in the capital of the owners of the enterprise, and its costs (expenses), understood as a decrease in the total value of the valuation of assets, accompanied by a reduction in the capital of the owners of the company, with the peculiarity of the results of operations associated with an intentional change in this capital.

Accounting Model and Value Model

The accounting model is acceptable in companies where financial work emphasizes financial control and accounting. The accounting model primarily focuses on diagnosing the balance of resources and capital and flows of different areas of activity. Therefore, it provides an excellent opportunity for financial control over current operations. The accounting model also provides options for dealing with short-term choice issues. Management problems arise when trying to transfer the methodology of the accounting model to solve strategic issues. When the choice between strategic alternatives is necessary, the effects of decisions are long-term, and it is required to evaluate high-risk operations. The cost model is focused on business owners need at a particular moment of development to cash out the invested efforts or, as they say in professional slang, cash out the business. This model allows you to always consider a business from its liquidity position in the investment market as an object of investment and income.

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