Is Print Marketing Better Than Digital Marketing

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In recent years, many businesses have switched to digital marketing while others remained loyal to print. It posed an enduring question: Is print marketing better than digital marketing?

Print marketing is a tried and tested method, and we know what to expect from its techniques. However, print marketing faces accusations of being an outdated and expensive version of marketing. In contrast, digital marketing is faster, more targeted, and cost-effective. But it is more tangible, and your campaign can easily get lost in the clutter of the digital world.

There are lots to consider when determining the effectiveness of each. In this mini-article, we will discuss some benefits of each and help you decide which one is better for you.  Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Explaining the terms

Print marketing

Print marketing encompasses all the methods of promotion that do not utilize the internet. We have used these methods for centuries, and even though they have limited usage, their strengths remain. Standard print marketing techniques include:

  • Billboards and flyers
  • Coupons, mailed postcards
  • Newspapers and magazine ads

We see hundreds of newspaper ads and billboards that are all part of print marketing methods. 

Digital marketing

Digital marketing, in a simple explanation, is the method of promotion through digital means such as the internet and mobile phones. Digital marketing has multiple types which SEO, SEM, PPC marketing, content marketing, etc. 

Digital marketing is effective as it reaches your targeted audience and potential customers irrespective of their location. Businesses switch to digital marketing because of its cost-effectiveness and ability for better reach without any geo-restrictions.  Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Print Vs. Digital

Prominent features of print marketing

  • Print marketing continues to evolve, and the myth that print techniques are outdated is a pernicious one. Print marketing has become with new technology such as Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR/AR). Also, advancements in print methods have lowered the costs involved. 
  • Print marketing helps build meaningful connections by tapping into the emotions of a consumer. Consumers are likely to trust a brand that presents itself with high-quality print advertising. Prints marketing creates a meaningful and long-lasting relationship with consumers.
  • Print marketing is good for local reach, especially for small businesses. Print marketing is super effective in creating local brand awareness and is an essential part of any on-the-ground marketing campaign. 

Prominent features of digital marketing

  • Digital marketing has a broader reach as compared to print marketing. Advertising through digital methods can target both local and international clients for better outreach and lead generation. 
  • Digital marketing offers diverse opportunities for you to engage with customers. Your audience can choose their way of engaging with your content. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers Online customers have a choice to go in or out of the conversation, meaning they take the initiative in seeking a brand or product.
  • Digital marketing is significantly cost-effective as compared to its printing counterpart. The cost of online paid ads of Google or social media has become competitive but still cheaper than print advertising. 
  • Tracking ROI using digital marketing methods is effective than print media. You have recorded data and results in analytics that you can use to make future predictions and shape the campaign accordingly. By harnessing the power of digital information, you can assess what exactly is working and what you need to improve. 
  • Digital media circulates very quickly and can go viral in a matter of minutes. You have various methods to reach your digital audience and share your content very fast. By Ensuring that your content has social media links, you can increase your engagement considerably.

Which one is better?

The critical weakness of print marketing is that it does not have the interaction digital marketing offers. Digital marketing provides information to a prospect; it is up to them whether to engage or not. 

Moreover, print marketing is also very costly and has a lesser reach. Print media is not highly effective when it comes to reaching international clients. However, if you go for digital media, you lose a chance to make a lasting connection with the audience. When it comes to memorability and trustworthiness, digital cannot compete with print. 

Keeping these points in mind, the most successful advertising campaign consists of digital and print marketing. While these may seem like competitors to each other, a tech-savvy business utilizes both for maximum success. 

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