Is it cheaper to live in the country or the city?

There is often a question raised between country and city, which one offers a cheaper yet better lifestyle. Here are some facts that will make it clear to comprehend.


Working opportunities:

Being in the city, it is much easier to find a work of one’s own choice. There are a lot of opportunities for even the tiniest skills one has. Yet, if there are more offers, there is more competition too. A lot of people are striving to fill the only job vacancy in a famous company in the city. However, there are lesser jobs in countries, but even if one gets the offers, the competition is less and it is much easier to grab the one and only job offered in a month or two.


Transport Abilities:

In countries, one has to walk through a mile with no chance of public transport around. However, in cities, anyone can get a bus after 15 minutes of losing one. In countries, the extra charges for a car have to be borne. Buying a car is not a hard thing to do, yet maintaining a car is not easy. Giving extra taxes for the car and paying for the fuel is much expensive than getting to the bus stop in five minutes from the apartment. Hence, cities are better for providing the transportation facilities.



For renting a single story house with two rooms in a city, it is provoking for someone to pay $400. With that, it is much easier to rent a two story house in a village with better facilities for $300. Where one has the space for the pet, an extra yard for planting the orchards and much more. So, country beats the city when it comes to housing.


Incautious shopping:

In the city, even passing by the mall for window shopping and having money in hands, no one would really pass by a beautiful affordable dress for her or a decent watch in a relatively less price for him. Yet, forcefully, one will have to buy that for satisfying their wants, no matter if they will have to suffer the last week of the month with no money. However, in countries, no markets nearby, no incautious shopping! In countries, people have to go far off places to buy the ration for the house even in a month. So, there will be no passing by the mall, no attractive things to worry about, and hence, savings.



In cities, even extra sales for the city population means extra expenditure. Even in sales, expenses are much more. While in countries, festivals are held on a regular basis. These festivals are about different items on different occasions. Yet, they have a little less good quality, still, they are a better option for saving a $100 in just a single festival rather than paying an extra $100 for sales.


Must expense for Having a House in the City:

Having a house in a city is expensive, but maintaining the house requires much more expenditures. One has to pay for the trash collection, rapid transit or animal control. One has to pay the extra water bills, electricity’s extra usage will cause them to pay extra bills and there are much more to go. In countries, there are no such expenses. One has to do most of the work on their own. There are no special orders for keeping animals or cattle. One can have a cow for milk, for cheese and also one can earn by such means.



In cities, getting an education is much more expensive. Paying extra charges for useless activities is not really comforting. Kids are provided with good education, but the same education can be provided to the kids in countries with lesser expenditures. One has to pay for transport as the schools are far off in cities. Yet, in countries, the schools are present nearby and have just as much extracurricular activities as required.



Of the above-mentioned factors, it is clear that city life has advantages related to the career, but when it comes to expenses, country life is more reasonable.

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