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Investment Management and Wealth Management | Which is Best?

Financial management is significant for everyone, particularly those who earn a considerable salary but are not financial professionals. If you do not manage your money correctly, what accumulated during your career might not sustain the peaceful retirement you hoped for. Working with a financial advisor to handle your investments could differ between an average and an exceptional retirement.LastPass – Family or Org Password Vault

It would help if you found someone to assist you, like a financial advisor, to ensure you accomplish your economic objectives. They will consider two primary services: wealth management and asset management. You might require only one of these services or both based on your finances and goals. This guide investigates wealth management vs. asset management to help you determine which service might be best for you.

What is Wealth Management?

Although asset management concerns investments, wealth management yields a much broader view. Wealth management is about observing a family or an individual’s overall economic condition and taking steps to grow their wealth safely.

It can take different forms and include several services from a wealth manager, including:

  • Tax planning
  • Legacy planning
  • Education planning
  • Estate planning
  • Charitable giving
  • Insurance
  • Retirement planning

While asset management is concerned with developing an investor’s money, wealth management focuses holistically on a customer’s overall economic situation. It takes steps to ensure their wealth will be protected in the future.

A percentage of assets is paid to a wealth handler or manager during management, while some are paid an hourly or flat fee.Download A Free Financial Toolkit

What is Asset Management?

Asset management is only the management of assets. Assets are all your economic properties, but asset management emphasizes your investments. It might include bonds, mutual funds, stocks, Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs), and other investments you make to increase your wealth.

An asset handler will control which investments best suit your economic condition. It means they will assist you with asset allocation and selecting how to split your investable asset with various asset classes. Specifically, this involves determining what part of your portfolio must be growth products and what percentage must be fixed-income products like bonds.

Asset handlers or managers usually rely on a percentage of assets under management, which will frequently be advanced and reduce the more money an asset manager oversees for an investor.

Finding Wealth and Asset Management

There are numerous approaches to finding an asset manager or a wealth manager.

Commonly, the best method is to use a manager recommended by a friend or family member. While this can be a positive experience, be cautious because the advice provided by a manager to a friend may not apply to your financial situation and goals. For example, many people inherit a manager from their parents, but this may not be the manager best matched to their financial objectives. Your parents are at a different stage of their life from you, so search for a financial advisor who expertly provides customers in an economic situation similar to yours with management advice.ADP. Payroll – HR – Benefits

Which Option Is Right for You?

Determining whether you require wealth management or asset management depends on your objectives and the services you need. If you want help investing, an asset manager is the correct option. An asset manager will assist you in finding the best investment choices for your portfolio and leave all the other parts of your economics to you to manage. If you need somebody to help you comprehensively set up your investments, you need a wealth manager because they can assist with everything from education planning to estate planning.

There may be a time when you require services and various economic advisor companies offering asset and wealth management. You may have to pay separate fees for both services, and some companies may bundle fees to encourage you to use both services.


Wealth management vs. asset management comes down to your required services. Asset management is about managing and choosing investments, while wealth management involves an individual’s portfolio and financial life. Various financial advisors do both, permitting you to hire only one person for the job.

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