Innovations in Marketing Strategies

Innovations in Marketing Strategies- Complete Controller

Occasionally, we come across a marketing or advertising campaign that exceeds expectations compared to other campaigns in the industry. When viewing these campaigns, they may even be compared to art. Like a musician who defies their genre, marketers must know to push the limits of what they can accomplish with messaging.

Here are innovations and marketing strategies that may be on display in the future.Download A Free Financial Toolkit

Virtual Reality (VR)

Today, you can virtually transport yourself anywhere globally, so savvy marketers are starting to take advantage of this technology.

For example, TOMS used virtual reality to take consumers to Peru to provide shoes to anyone in need. TOMS brought its tagline “fashion for a good cause” to life by engaging customers in a genuine experience they could explore. It created a sense of realism in the experience and brand loyalty.

Augmented Reality (AR)

Marketers everywhere have been keenly waiting to get their hands on Augmented Reality. Regarding advertising or marketing, augmented reality technology primarily assists consumers by allowing them to sample various for-sale products or services virtually.

From trying nail polish colors to screening internet design ideas and even exploring plastic surgery results before going under the knife, consumers can assume to see more innovation and interaction in marketing using ARs.

Cultural Relevance

Going viral in today’s technological era is increasingly advantageous to driving high brand engagement. Emerging culturally appropriate marketing techniques are one of the best approaches for a business to garner media buzz and gain recognition.CorpNet. Start A New Business Now

A brand can stay culturally relevant by playing into what is happening culturally. For example, Procter and Gamble (P&G) launched a Gillette campaign against toxic masculinity only days after the American Psychological Association (APA) proclaimed that “traditional masculinity” is dangerous to society. P&G seized the opportunity for their marketing campaign to be in front of consumers by being culturally relevant, increasing media attention, and maintaining brand recognition.

Phigital Marketing

Phigital marketing is a term that combines physical and digital. Phigital marketing is a recently invented term to denote the addition of newer digital marketing experiences and display marketing techniques.

Many London showrooms use a phigital marketing strategy, engaging users with interactive touch screens. Phigital marketing is a custom-made strategy targeting specific generations, like millennials who have grown up in the digital era, so expect this to be a common and popular marketing trend.

Social Media Artificial Intelligence

There are many Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications in marketing, but they are prevalent in social media. Artificial intelligence can do everything from classifying tweets, assembling consumer vision, and even examining social media patterns to help you capitalize on top topics at the correct time.Complete Controller. America’s Bookkeeping ExpertsSocial media makes associating clients with their purchasing behavior and increasing their purchasing habits much more comfortable. Social media artificial intelligence can efficiently and quickly combine customer information so that marketers can make strategic decisions. By using AI to determine consumer habits, marketers can use their time efficiently to creatively develop and fulfill marketing strategies.

3D Photos

Different social media platforms like Facebook launched a 3D photo feature at the end of 2018. These pictures are taken with a dual-camera cell phone and joined with a depth map to build a photo. These pictures are also designed to show attractively in a virtual reality headset. Marketers have used this innovation to make technology banner promotion engaging so it appears to jump off the page.

Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things uses any device that links to the Internet and might be linked to other intra-connected devices. IoT technology permits organizations to accurately see where users are in their purchasing journey, allowing them to learn more about their consumer advertisement success and market accordingly.


Marketing strategies are the best way to promote your business, and each business can make a unique name in customers’ minds by using innovative marketing strategies.

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