Insurance Policy Requirements

Insurance Policy Requirements - Complete Controller

The substance of a protection contract relies upon the kind of strategy the protection candidate needs and the amount he is happy to pay. The subtleties of protection arrangements are shrouded in Standard Insurance Policies. This article covers what is expected of legitimate protection contracts since substantial agreements are lawfully enforceable.

If there is an essential document between the policyholder and insurer, that is the policy. Therefore, it is unsurprising that the law specifies a series of mandatory requirements to be as unique as possible. The elements that any policy must contain are the following:

  • Who participates in the insurance contract?

The parties involved must identify the parties involved in the insurance contract, in addition to their domiciles and the quality in which they act (insured, insurer, etc.). Complete Controller. America’s Bookkeeping Experts

  • The concept that is insured

The policy must reflect the insured interest – it can be property, usufruct, etc. -. In it, you will also have to specify whether the policyholder and the insured are the same person (self-insurance) or are different (third-party insurance).

  • Nature of the risk

And what would make a policy without detailing the coverage and exclusions agreed upon between the policyholder and company? It is essential to avoid any doubt in the event of an accident.

  • Detail the insured object and its situation

The policies specify the assets the insurance covers and where they will be located until the insurance expires. These are requirements that the policyholder already determines in the application (document before the policy). These concretions are crucial since, in theft or fire insurance, all goods not in the location specified in the policy are sometimes not covered by the insurance.

  • Scope of coverage

The maximum limit that the insurer will face in the event of an accident must also be shown. CorpNet. Start A New Business Now

  • Premium, surcharges, and taxes

As a policyholder, you have the right to have the policy reflect each concept and amount that the policyholder must pay. It is mandatory to know the total price of the insurance we hire.

  • Expiration, place, and method of payment of the premium

One of the critical points of the policy is the expiration date. It should reflect the day the obligation to pay the following annuity is born if the contract is extended. The form of payment is another concretion that requires of the policy that, at present, is usually in direct debit. It will also detail where this payment method will occur.

  • Duration of the contract and its effects

The policy must indicate the exact day and time of the beginning and expiration of its essential coverage. It assumes that the duration of the insurance is set in the policy. However, the most common is that tacitly renewable annuities hold.

  • Mediator’s name

The so-called insurance mediator (agent or broker) has the right to have your name or password appear printed on the portal. You will be identified at the time of your remuneration and can advise the parties if necessary. Download A Free Financial Toolkit

  • Difference between particular and general conditions

It should be noted that the nine points we have just explained will always include the specific conditions of the policy. These differ according to each insurance – since they address a particular individual.

In the policy, we also contemplate the general conditions. The insurer has previously printed them. They include the rights and obligations of the parties. The requirements will be submitted to the regulations of the Insurance Contract Law and the supervision of the General Directorate of Insurance.


We hope you found what you were looking for and clarified your understanding of the critical requirement of a standard insurance policy. You need to pay attention to a few more details as these are financial matters, so nothing should be overlooked or taken for granted.

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